Riflemen in Marching Order c1890

This photo must have been taken to show off the newly issued Slade-Wallace equipment which was introduced in 1888. Unlike the line infantry regiments who had white leather straps and pouches the Rifle regiments had black leather. Previously the valise was carried on the small of the back but with the new equipment it was carried higher, with the rolled greatcoat on the waist. Mess tins were in a black cover on top of the greatcoat. The black canvas strap over the right shoulder is for the haversack which is empty and rolled up. Only the water-bottle has been forgotten for this photo-shoot; that would be slung over the left shoulder.

The helmet was worn by the KRRC from 1878 to 1893. Busbies were worn previously, and again after 1893. The man facing us has the old style badge which should have been discontinued in 1881 when the regiment was ordered to drop the number 60 from it's title. The fact that the old badge continued in use nine years later shows how proud they were to call themselves the 60th. The jackets are of Rifle green with a small part of the red collar showing beneath the black lace edge. The looped braiding on the cuff is also red, and the backing cloth of the marksman's badge. The rifle carried is the Lee Metford .303 magazine rifle taken into use in 1888. It has a black leather sling. The bayonet is nowhere to be seen here, but was the sword type, 12 inches long.

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by Stephen Luscombe