Mounted Superintendent and Sergeant Major, c1894

This photo was taken at Fort Saskatchewen. The mounted officer is A H Griesbach, one of the original officers that joined in 1873. Before that he was in the 15th Hussars and the Cape Mounted Rifles. As he is mounted he wears the sabretache of which there is a better view in Officer in Undress 1879. It is slung with plain brown leather straps. His pouchbelt and waistbelt are of plain brown leather also for parade wear. He has a British cavalry saddle with black sheepskin which was non-regulation. The Sergeant Major is a man called Flintoff. His rank is displayed on his right sleeve, four chevrons, point down with crown above. His gold cord Austrian knot is stitched on top of the stripes. The binoculars case is carried on his back, supported by the brown leather pouchbelt. His sword has a different scabbard to the officer's, being black leather and steel. see Staff Sergeant 1886.

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by Stephen Luscombe