John Kinder Spilling

Joined the 13th as a Cornet in June 1868 and served in Canada for a year. Promoted to Lieutenant in 1871, serving in the East Indies from 1874-76 and from 1878-80 during which time he reached the rank of captain. He spent time in Afghanistan in 1880-81, was promoted to Major and spent the next four years in the East Indies again. On his return from there he was soon on his way to South Africa (1884-85). He reached the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in 1885 and full Colonel in 1889, three years before passing on command to Torin in 1892. He raised and commanded the Royal Reserve Hussars during the South African War. He wears a frock coat and pillbox forage cap. The frock coat was a very smart undress garment made of blue cloth and laced and braided, more elaborately than the patrol jacket (see photo of Col. Torin).

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