Officers in Various orders of Dress c1822

This small print by Heath is not dated but has plenty of information on the different orders of dress, for officers as well as other ranks.' The Officer on the right of the three foreground figures is in dress uniform with orange cossacks that match his jacket facings. The large silver epaulettes show the development of the uniform which became more imposing throughout the 1820s.' The collar is not very distinct but appears to now have silver lace edging, as do the cuffs. This lace may be a later addition.' The shako is taller but the gold caplines have not been painted.' The plume is now the falling horsehair or feather type.' The details of his sabretache have been left out but should be the Prussian eagle on the royal cypher, with crown above. '

The middle figure is in dress but with a cloak and a waterproof cover on his shako.' His cossacks are light blue with a silver stripe. The left hand figure is in undress, wearing the light dragoon pelisse that can be seen on the portrait of Lieut J W S Smith.' This is dark blue with black cords and astrakan collar and cuffs.' It was worn with the previous style of braided jacket and retained after the introduction of the plastron fronted pattern. He has a silver-banded peaked forage cap, and has orange stripes down the side of his blue cossacks.

The figures in the background give an idea of the uniforms worn by other ranks in this period.' The caped figure on the left is in foul-weather order with covered shako and waterproof cloak. His trousers are light grey.' The mounted trooper has light coloured trousers with an orange stripe. He has a plain black leather sabretache slung from his waistbelt with two slings. The plume on his shako is the short upright white over red type worn since 1812.'

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