Lieutenant J W S Smith

This portrait is dated 1826 when the subject was a lieutenant. He is John Woolmore Simmons Smith. He appears as a cornet in the 14th Light Dragoons, in the army lists of 1822, reaching lieutenant in 1825. He appears as a captain in 1829 and major by 1836. From 1836 to 1838 he was the only major, second-in-command to Lt-Col Townsend. By 1839 he has disappeared from the list. On 25 Oct 1836 John married Mary Anne Woolsey. What is confusing is that he must have been joined by his brother in the 14th LD. The name Joshua Simmons Smith appears on the 1824 list of lieutenants and last appears as a captain in 1833, leaving the regiment after that. This portrait gives us a view of the light dragoon pelisse which is a blue fur-edged jacket with black braiding. This style of jacket can be seen in the portrait of Lt-Col Sir Felton Hervey-Bathurst, worn over his shoulders. The regimental pattern silver and orange pouchbelt is worn over this.

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