Officer's Shako Badge c1840

In 1829 the black beaver shako worn by infantry officers was lowered from seven and a half inches high to 6 inches but the badge on the front was ornate and expensive. The badge lasted from 1829 to 1844 but the crown at the top of the badge changed in 1837 from the Hanoverian crown of William IV to the Victorian crown seen here. The badge is based on a gilt star with a silver hobnail star overlaid and a gilt Maltese cross replica of the Order of the Bath in the middle. The centre of the cross is silver with a silver 24. The circle around the 24 says WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT. The upper arm of the cross has CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, the arm on the right has SALAMANCA VITTORIA ORTHES, the arm on the left has FUENTES D'ONOR TALAVERA NIVELLE and the lower arm PYRENEES PENINSULA. The Sphinx of EGYPT is in gilt on top of the cross and just below the gilt Victorian crown.

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by Stephen Luscombe