Sub-Lieutenant T L G Griffith

Thomas Llewelyn George Griffith was from North Wales and joined the 2nd Battalion 24th on 11th Sep 1876. When Lord Chelmsford split the column and took seven companies of the 2nd Battalion away from the Isandhlwana camp, he decided to make a new camp some 10 miles southeast on the Mangeni River. He sent one of his staff officers, Captain Gardner of the 14th Hussars with instructions for Lieut-Col Pulleine to pack up the tents and rations ready for the move. Griffith, aged 21, was sent with him to assist the QM in the task of organising the wagons etc. Lieutenant Dyer volunteered to go with them. The men in Chelmsford's force were carrying only haversacks, waterbottles and ammunition pouches so all their equipment left at the camp had to be loaded up with the rest of the supplies. The regimental history says this about Griffith's doomed return to the camp:

'Griffith, a young officer, thoughtful beyond his years, took a gloomy view of matters. From his serving in, and indeed being quite a leading spirit with, the Commissariat, none knew better than he the incompleteness of the arrangements, owing to the badness of the roads, and the precariousness of the supplies at this the rainy season. Besides all had heard the reliable information about the three Zulu impis.'

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