Private Robert Jones VC

The citation in the London Gazette of 2nd May 1879 says that Robert Jones, with William Jones, defended a ward in the hospital until six out of seven patients had been removed. The seventh patient was delirious and could not be persuaded to come out, he was stabbed to death in his bed by Zulus.

Robert Jones is one of the sadder VC stories because after retiring to Herefordshire in 1882 and marrying a local girl called Liz Hopkins he apparently shot himself. He had been complaining of headaches in 1898 and on 6th Sep was found dead of shotgun wounds, at the age of 41. Although his death was regarded as suicide he was allowed to be buried in the churchyard of St Peters Church at Peterchurch, but his body had to be passed over the wall and the gravestone turned to face the other way. He had 5 children, and his descendants have worked hard to reverse the verdict of suicide.

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