Lieutenant Chisholme c1776

The painting of Lieutenant Valentine Chisholme shows the cap with diced band making its first appearance. The colours are red and white along the top and bottom, with red and green in the middle.' The black ostrich feathers are attached to the cap on the left side with a cockade at their base.' He has a white stock around his neck, and his coat is fastened with a hook and eye so that we can see the white waistcoat. He clearly has only one gold epaulette on his right shoulder which is a little more substantial than the one worn by Ensign Campbell in 1771.' Over his left shoulder is a crimson sash.' He has tan coloured gloves and his iron sword hilt is a feature of the portrait. The sword belt is black with a gilt buckle. Close inspection of the gilt buttons shows a 42 in the middle. The button loops are of slim gold lace.'

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by Stephen Luscombe