The Royal Irish Regiment

Colours 1751

The 1747 regulations introduced a new arrangement of Colours for each of the marching regiments of Foot. Previously there were Colours for each of the field officers but now there were only the First Colour, or King's Colour, and the 2nd Colour, or Regimental Colour. No personal devices for the Colonel were permitted. The King's Colour was the Union Flag of England and Scotland, with the number XVIII in the corner nearest the staff, and the badge and motto in the middle. The Regimental Colour was of blue with the Union Flag in the canton (also the number), the badge and motto in the middle, and in each of the 3 remaining corners, the arms of Nassau. Only the Royal regiments were allowed the badge in the middle, other regiments had the regimental number within a wreath of roses and thistles, in the middle of both flags. The size of the Colours was 6'6" flying and 6'2" on the staff. The staff, or pike, was 9'10" long, with a 4" spear head and tasseled cords made of gold and crimson silk.

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by Stephen Luscombe