The Royal Irish Regiment

Royal Irish in Egypt

Simkin's print of the Royal Irish Regiment in Egypt is inaccurate as far as the regimental history is concerned, where it states that the white foreign service helmet was stained to a mud colour, as were the belts. All brass items, like belt buckles and buttons were dulled. Sun-glasses were issued but many of the soldiers managed to lose them before arriving in Egypt. But the print is contemporary and the uniform and equipment would be as Simkin saw them before they embarked. What they are wearing may look like dress uniform but is in fact undress, for campaign. The officers standing near the front have brown leather belts and a frock that has breast pockets but does not have blue cuffs like the men. They are armed with swords and pistols and the ammunition pouch is on the back of the waist-belt. The men have the Martini-Henry rifle with the 22" long socket bayonet, although sergeants were issued with the sword type. They are in light marching order with mess tins on the upper back and a black pouch on the lower back for extra ammunition.

Regimental Details


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by Stephen Luscombe