The Royal Irish Regiment

Norval's Pont

This contemporay photo was published in Louis Cheswicke's history of the South Africa and Transvaal War, published in 1900. It is not clear whether the view is from the north or south bank of the Orange River. Norval's Pont was established in 1848 when a Scot named Norval built a ferry there. But the railway bridge, seen in the foreground, was opened on 17th Dec 1890. The village of Norval was occuppied by Boers from 1st Nov 1899 to 3rd Mar 1900 when they dynamited the bridge. The Pont was re-occupied by Major-General Clements's force on 8th Mar. The railway south of the bridge went through Colesberg, Rensberg, Arundel and Nauuwpoort Junction. North of the bridge it went through Spring Fontein Junction to Bloemfontein.

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by Stephen Luscombe