Foreign Service


Alexandra Coquette Helicon Monarch
Antelope Cruizer Hellespont Rapid
Bittern Cygnet Hibernia Temeraire
Cockatrice Express Invincible Thunderer
Condor Falcon Iris Torch

Channel Squadron
Achilles Agincourt Minotaur Northumberland

North America and West Indies
Blanche Forester Northampton Terror
Contest Flamingo Phoenix Tyrian
Druid Griffon Tenedos Urgent

South East Coast of America
Elk Forward Garnet Swallow

Gannet Pelican Shannon Triumph
Liffey Penguin Thetis Turquoise
Osprey Rocket

Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa
Boadicea Firebrand Flirt Foam
Dido Firefly Flora Pioneer

East Indies
Beacon Eclipse Philomel Seagull
Dragon Euryalus Ready Wild Swan
Dryad London Ruby Woodlark

Albatross Foxhound Modeste Swinger
Comus Iron Duke Moorhen Victor Emanuel
Curacoa Kestrel Mosquito Vigilant
Egeria Lapwing Pegasus Wivern
Encounter Lily Sheldrake

Alacrity Cormorant Miranda Sandfly
Beagle Emerald Renard Wolverene

Particular Service
Assistance Hecla Newcastle Tourmaline
Bacchante Himalaya Orontes Tyne
Carysfort Humber Raleigh Valarous
Cleopatra Inconstant Tamar Wye

Surveying Service
Alert Flying Fish Porcupine Sparrowhawk
Fawn Magpie

Ordered Home
Charybdis Hornet Tourmaline Vulture
Dannae Sylvia

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