Foreign Service


Mediterranean and Red Sea
Anson Cockatrice Harrier Melita Scout
Ardent Cruiser Hawke Nymphe Scylla
Astraea Dragon Hazard Polyphemus Surprise
Banshee Dryad Hebe Ramillies Sybille
Barfleur Empress of India Hibernia Revenge Tyne
Boxer Fearless Hood Royal Oak Venus
Bruizer Forte Hussar Royal Sovereign
Camperdown Gibraltar Imogene Rupert

Channel Squadron
Blake Halcyon Magnificent Pelorus Resolution
Blenheim Hermione Majestic Prince George Speedy
Charybdis Jupiter Mars Repulse Victorious

North America and West Indies
Alert Indefatigable Partridge Quail Terror
Columbine Intrepid Pearl Renown Urgent
Cordelia Pallas Pelican Talbot

South East Coast of America
Basilisk Beagle Retribution Swallow

Amphion Imperieuse Liffey Pheasant Virago
Icarus Leander Phaeton Sparrowhawk

Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa
Alecto Doris Jackdaw Mosquito St. George
Barracouta Fox Magicienne Penelope Sparrow
Barrosa Herald Magpie Philomel Thrush
Blonde Heron Monarch Phoebe Widgeon

East Indies
Brisk Eclipse Magdala Pigeon Redbreast
Cossack Lapwing Melpomene Plassy Sphinx

Alacrity Fame Iphigenia Pigmy Rattler
Algerine Grafton Linnet Pique Redpole
Archer Handy Narcissus Plover Tamar
Daphne Humber Phoenix Rainbow Whiting
Esk Immortalite

Goldfinch Lizard Orlando Ringdove Tauranga
Karrakatta Mildura Porpoise Royal Arthur Torch
Katoomba Mohawk Pylades Royalist Wallaroo

Training Squadron
Active Calypso Champion Volage

Particular Service
Albacore Edgar Raven Sirius
Calliope Jason Seahorse Vulcan
Curacoa Northampton Sharpshooter Wye

Surveying Service
Dart Rambler Stork Waterwitch
Penguin Research Triton Egeria

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