British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'C'

Calcutta 1940-1970 in the photographs of Jayant Patel by Das, Soumitra
The Call Up: A Study of National Service in Peacetime Britain by Carradice, Phil
Cameroon Trilogy by Gill, J M
A Caper as High as the Moon: one family and a century of the Raj by King-Smith, Sue
Capricorn - David Stirling's Second African Campaign by Hughes, Richard
Captain Ward: Pacific Navigator by Cordon, Roddy
Canadians on the Nile by Maclaren, R.
The Career of W L Heape Colonial Administrator 1919 - 1958 by Heape, Colin
The Caribbean and the Wider World: Commentaries on my Life and Career by Mclntyre, Alistair
A Caribbean Identity: Memoirs of the Colonial Service by Frankson, A S
A Cargo of Spice: or Exploring Borneo by Wilson, Dr R. A. M.
Of Cargoes, Colonies And Kings by Stuart, Andrew
Casualty Of Empire: Britain's Unpaid Debt To An African Kingdom by Pulford, Cedric
Catastrophe: What Went Wrong In Zimbabwe? by Bourne, Richard
Cawnpore To Cromar: The MacRoberts of Douneside by Miller, Marion
A Central African Odyssey by Cowen, William W.
Challenge in Chitral: The Remarkable Story of the Relief of the Chitral Garrison, 1895 by Dudding, Michael
Changi, the lost years: A Malayan diary, 1941-1945 by Lewis, T.P.M.
Changing of Kings: Memories of Burma, 1934-49 by Glass, Leslie
The Changing Scenes of Life by Arrowsmith, Keith
Sir Charles Arden-Clarke by Rooney, David
A Chequered Career by Mathieson, W. P.
Childhood Memories of Colonial East Africa, 1920 - 1963 by Considine, John and Rawlins, John
Chinese Dreams in Romantic England: The Life and Times of Thomas Manning by Weech, Edward
Chintali: Life and Times of Sir Thomas Page CBE, KB by Webb, Lorna E.
Chocolate Wars: From Cadbury to Kraft: 200 years of Sweet Success and Bitter Rivalry by Cadbury, Deborah
Churchill by Jenkins, Roy
A Circle of Trees by G.H. Barker
The Cleghorn Collection: South Indian Botanical Drawings 1845 to 1860 by Noltie, H.J.
The Clever Rat And Other African Tales by Lewis-Bamed, Suzi
Clifford: Imperial Proconsul by Gailey, Harry A.
Coconuts and Coral by Page, Gwendoline
Confrontation: The War with Indonesia 1962 - 1966 by Bijl, Nick Van Der
Colonial Administration In Africa Between Central Policy And Local Reality Edited by Heyen, Erik Volkmar
Colonial Educators - The British Indian And Colonial Education Service, 1858 -1983 by Whitehead, Clive
Colonial Kenya Observed: British Rule, Mau Mau and the Wind of Change by Fazan, Sydney
A Colonial Odyssey by Boyd, Robert
Colonial Postscript: The Diary of a District Officer by Morley, John
Colonial Self Fashioning in British India, c.1785-1845 by de Silva, Prasannajit
Colonial Servant by Gutch, Sir John
Colonial Sunset - A Worm's Eye View by Stephenson, Ralph
Colonial Window: A View from the Past Being the diary of a doctor in HM Colonial Medical Service 1951-1975 by Macgregor, Dr J D
Colonialism: The Golden Years by Golding, J. A.
Colonising Plants in Bihar (1760-1950): Tobacco Betwixt Indigo and Sugarcane by Sinha-Kerkhoff, Kathinka
Colony To Nation: British Administrators in Kenya 1940-1963 by Johnson, Sir John
Come From Away by Macfarlane, David
Come On, Eileen! Encounters And Experiences by Sandford, Eileen
Le Commandant En Tournee - Une administration au contact des populations en Afrique Noire coloniale Edited by Simonis, Francis
The Commonwealth and International Affairs: The Round Table Centennial Selection edited by May, Alex
Companion to the Indian Mutiny by Taylor, P
Constance Prem Nath Dass: An Extraordinary History by David, Nina and Dass, Amrita
A Copper In Calabar: Experiences Of A Student, Soldier And Policeman In South And West Africa 1920s-1950s by Brun, Harry
Copper Mandarin by Murphy, Gerald
Corner of a Foreign Field: The British Cemetery at Kathmandu by Watson, Mark and Hall, Andrew
Coromandel: A Personal History of South India by Allen, Charles
The Corona Club, 1900-1990: an Introductory History by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
Corporal Haussmann Goes To War; Armed With Motor-Cycle And Camera by Martin, Colin
The Creature in the Map by Nicholl, Charles
Cricket in the Backblocks by Imray, Colin
Crisis of the Raj by Broehl, W.
A Cuckoo's Parting Cry by Bere, Rennie
The Curse by Hansen, Eric
Curtain Call: Anglo-Indian Reflections by Cassity, Kathleen and Almeida, Rochelle
Cypher Officer by Watkins, Elizabeth


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