British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'F'

Fabrication Of Empire: The British And The Uganda Kingdoms, 1890-1902 by Low, D A
A Falklands Diary: Winds Of Change In A Distant Colony by Austin, Jean
Family of Ginger Griffins by Lattimer, Pamela
A Fanfare of Trumpets by Lewis-Barned, John
The Fannin Papers: The Life And Letters Of Katharine Fannin 1902-1970 by Aldrick, Judy
Far Away Cows: Veterinary Vignettes from the Third World by Guilbride, Patrick
Farewell Raj by Hearne, Tony
Fatal Shore by Hughes, Robert
A Fateful Intrusion: The British India Line in the Arabian Gulf, 1862-1982 by Morton, Michael Quentin
Feathers on the Brain: A Memoir by Watkins, Brian
Feeling the Stones: Reminiscences by Akers-Jones, David
Fifth Gloster Gazette Trench Magazine of the First World War
Fifty Enthralling Stories of the Mysterious East by Abdulla, Ahmed
Fighters Over The Falklands: Defending The Islanders' Way of Life by Gledhill, David
Fighting For Britain: African Soldiers In The Second World War by Killingray, David
A Fighting Retreat: British Empire, 1947-1997 by Neillands, Robin
Filming Emerging Africa: A pioneer cinematographer's scrapbook from the 1940s to the 1960s by Mangin, Geoffrey
Finding A Flame Lily: A Teenager In Africa by Rawlinson, Judy
Fire Over the Islands: Coast Watchers of the Solomons by Horton, D.C.
The First and Second Sikh Wars by Burton, Reginald George
The First Dance of Freedom: Black Africa in the Post War Era by Meredith, Martin
The First to Land by Reeman, Douglas
The First World War in the Middle East by Ulrichsen, Kristian Coates
Five Years In The White Man's Grave: An Education Officer in Nigeria, 1928-33 by Webb, Geoffrey
The Flags Changed at Midnight: Towards the Independence of Tanganyika by Longford, Michael
Footfalls Echo in the Memory: A life with the Colonial Education Service and the British Council in Asia by Bickley, Verner C.
Footprints, the Memoirs of Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke by Selwyn-Clarke, Sir Selwyn
For The Honour of My House: The contribution of the Indian Princely States to the First World War by McClenaghan, Tony
For the Love of a Highland Home: The Fraser Brothers' Indian Quest by Fraser, Kathy
For The Record And Other Poems Of Hong Kong by Bickley, Gillian
Forgotten Mandate: A British District Officer in Tanganyika by Lumley, E.K.
Forgotten Masters: Indian Painting for the East India Company Edited by Dalrymple, William
Forlorn Hope, In Search of the by Kitzmiller, John M
Forty Years of Service: The Women's Corona Society 1950-1990 by Swaisland, Cecillie
Four Wheels and Frontiers: The First Overland Singapore To England Willy's Jeep Expedition by Follows, Roy
Francis Drake by Cummins, John
Franklin and Winston: An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship by Meacham, Jon
Fraser Darling in Africa: A Rhino in the Whistling Thorn by Boyd, John Morton
From Aden to the Gulf: Personal Diaries, 1956-66 by Luce, Margaret
From Dark Heart To Kalahari by Spinage, Clive
From Empire to Commonwealth: Reflections on a Career in Britain's Overseas by O'Regan, John
From Hell to the Himalayas by Hodgson, C.F.
From Kaduna to Kirakira: Letters Home from Overseas: A Record of Nine Years in Northern Nigeria and the British Solomon Islands Protectorate by Cawte, Jennifer
From Mau Mau to Harambee: Memoirs and Memoranda of Colonial Kenya by Askwith, Tom
From Measles To Magic Memoirs Of A Medical Officer In Northern Nigeria 1957-1964 by Abraham, Dr. Kathleen
From Northern Rhodesia to Zambia: Recollections of a DO/DC 1962-73 by Bond, Mick
From Obscurity To Bright Dawn: How Nyasaland became Malawi, An Insider's Account by Phillips, Henry
From Suburbia to Subukia by Matthews, Christine
From Syonan to Fuji-Go: The Story of the Catholic Settlement of Bahau in WWII Malaya by Hodgkins, Fiona
From the Cam to the Zambezi: Colonial Service and the Path to the New Zambia by Schur, Tony
The Frontier Ablaze: The North-West Frontier Rising 1897-98 by Barthorp, Michael


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