British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'J'

Mad Dogs And Englishmen: A Grand Tour Of The British Empire At Its Height 1850-1945 by Jackson, Dr Ashley
The History of the Nigerian Railway: Opening the Nation to Sea, Air and Road Transportation by Jaekel, Francis
Suez: the Forgotten Invasion by Jackson, Robert
Administrators in East Africa: Six Case Studies by Jacobs, B. L.
Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India by James, Lawrence
Admiral Albert Hastings Markham: A Victorian Tale of Triumph, Tragedy and Exploration by Jastrzembski, Frank
Valentine Baker's Heroic Stand at Tashkessen 1877: A Tarnished British Soldier's Glorious Victory by Jastrzembski, Frank
India in Edinburgh: 1750s to the Present Edited by Jeffrey, Roger
A Long Beat - Service to the Crown, Home and Abroad by Jenkins, Arthur Hughes
Churchill by Jenkins, Roy
The Royal Navy 1793 - 1800 by Jessop, Mark
On Call in Africa in War and Peace 1910 to 1932 by Jewell, Dr Norman Parsons
Humankind? Planet Earth's Most Enigmatic Species by Arcas (Jewkes, Stanley E. )
New Delhi: The Last Imperial City by Johnson, David A.
Colony To Nation: British Administrators in Kenya 1940-1963 by Johnson, Sir John
Kenya - The Land and the People by Johnson, Sir John
Harmattan: A Wind of Change: Life and Letters from Northern Nigeria at the End of Empire by Johnston, Carolyn
Tattered Battlements: A Fighter Pilot's Diary by Johnston, Tim
The Turban Jewel: A Bene Israeli Indian Tale by Judah, Sophie
Empire: 1765 to Present by Judd, Denis


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