British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'K'

A School In Kenya: Hospital Hill 1949 - 1973 by Karmali, Joan
Anglo Irish War, The: 1916 - 1921 by Kautt, William
The Last Post: End of Empire in the Far East by Keay, John
Sowing the Wind: The Seeds of Conflict in the Middle East by Keay, John
A Judge in Madras: Sir Sidney Wadsworth and the Indian Civil Service 1913-47 by Keen, Caroline
Princely India and the British: Political Development and the Operation of Empire by Keen, Caroline
Pasha of Jerusalem: Memoirs of a District Commissioner Under the British Mandate by Keith-Roach, Edward
Dust Suspended: a Memoir of Colonial and Diplomatic Service Life 1953 to 1986 by Kennedy, Sir Francis
British Civilians and the Japanese War in Malaya and Singapore, 1941-45 by Kennedy, Joseph
Sudan Tales: Reminiscences of Wives in the Sudan Political Service, 1926-56 by Kenrick, Rosemary
Time and the Hour: Nigeria, East Africa and the Second World War by Kerslake, R.T.
Paper Jewels: Postcards from the Raj by Khan, Omar
The Raj at War: A People's History of India's Second World War by Khan, Yasmin
Fighting For Britain: African Soldiers In The Second World War by Killingray, David
'So Life Be' A Collection Of Memories Of West Africa by King, Jack
A Caper as High as the Moon: one family and a century of the Raj by King-Smith, Sue
The Shamba Raiders: Memories of a Game Warden by Kinloch, Bruce
Kim by Kipling, Rudyard
Aspects Of Empire: A New Corona Anthology by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
Biographical Dictionary of the British Colonial Service, 1939-1966 by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
Britain's Imperial Administrators, 1858-1966 by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
The Corona Club, 1900-1990: an Introductory History by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
Glimpses of Empire: A Corona Anthology by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
On Crown Service: a History of HM Colonial and Overseas Civil Services 1837-1997 by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
Symbol Of Authority: The British District Officer in Africa by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
Life and Death in Changi: The Diary of Tom Kitching Who Died in Japanese Hands in Singapore in 1944 by Kitching, Tom
In Search of the 'Forlorn Hope' by Kitzmiller, John M
Britain in India 1858-1947 by Knight, Lionel
Back Seat Driver by Knowles, Oliver
Imperial Bureaucrat: Colonial Administrative Service in the Gold Coast, 1920-39 by Kuklick, Henrika
A Political Legacy Of The British Empire: Power And The Parliamentary System In Post-Colonial India And Sri Lanka by Kumarasingham, Harshan
Ghosts Of Empire: Britain's Legacies In The Modern World by Kwarteng, Kwasi


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