British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'L'

The Lady of Kabul: Florentia Sale and the Disastrous Retreat of 1842 by Scott, Michael
Lagos: A Cultural And Literary History by Whiteman, Kaye
Lake Chad Versus The Sahara Desert by Sikes, Sylvia K
The Lake Steamers of East Africa by Dennis, L.G. 'Bill'
Land of Waters: Explorations in the Natural History of Guyana, South America by McConnell, Ro
Last Boat For Africa : A District Officers experiences during Swaziland's run-up to Independence in the 1960's by Miller, J P
Last Children of the Raj: British Childhoods in India: Vols 1 and II by Fleming, Laurence
The Last Colonial Regiment: The History Of The Kenya Regiment (T.F.) by Parker, Ian
The Last District Officer by Pitchford, John
The Last Enemy by Hillary, Richard
The Last Governor by Dimbleby, Jonathon
Last Guardians: Crown Service in Sudan, Northern Rhodesia and Britain by Bowcock, Philip
The Last Kashmiri Rose by Cleverly, Barbara
Last Man In: The End Of Empire In Northern Nigeria by Hare, John
The Last Mughal by Dalrymple, William
The Last of the Proconsuls: Letters of Sir James Robertson Edited by Thomas, Graham F.
The Last of the Queen's Men: A Lesotho Experience by Sanders, Peter
The Last Of The White Ants by Pink, Pattie
The Last Post: End of Empire in the Far East by Keay, John
The Last Slave Market: Dr John Kirk And The End Of Slavery In East Africa by Hazell, Alastair
The Last Thousand Days by Clarke, Peter
The Last White Hunter: Reminiscences of a Colonial Shikari by Joshua Mathew
Lasting Legacy: A Story of British Colonialism by Blackburne, Kenneth
The Leisure of an Egyptian Official by Cecil, Lord Edward
Lennox Boyd, Alan: A Biography by Murphy, Philiip
Letters From Africa by Salmon, David
Letters From Far Away Places by McDonald Sitwell, Grace
Letters From The Horn Of Africa 1923-1942: Sandy Curle, Soldier & Diplomat Extraordinary by Curle, Christian
Letters From The Swamps: East Africa 1936-1937 by Bertram, C. Kate and Trant, Janet
Letters Home by Arrowsmith, Keith
Letters of an Indian Judge to an English Gentlewoman
Letters To Her Mother: War-Time In The Sudan 1938-1945 by Foley, Helen
Liberty or Death by French, Patrick
Life and Death in Changi: The Diary of Tom Kitching Who Died in Japanese Hands in Singapore in 1944 by Kitching, Tom
The Life and Times of Abdul Wahid Sykes (1924-68) by Said, Mohamed
Life in the Colonial Prison Service by Hutchings, S. E.
Life in the White Man's Grave: A Pictorial Record of the British in West Africa by Allison, Philip
Life On The Rocks by Hazell, Robin
Like Father Like Son by Marshall, H.H.
The Lingering Eye - Recollections of North Borneo by Suart, Wendy
Lion in the Evening by Scholefield, Alan
A Little Piece of England - My Adventures as Chief Executive of The Falkland Islands by Gurr, Andrew
The Lives of Freda: The Political, Spiritual and Personal Journeys of Freda Bedi by Whitehead, Andrew
Looking Back At The Uganda Protectorate: Recollections Of District Officers Edited by Brown, Douglas and Marcelle
Long Ago and Far Away Gold Coast Days 1939-1958 by Leeds, Allen
The Long Garden Master in the Gold Coast: Life and times of a Colonial Agricultural Officer in the Gold Coast 1929 - 1947 by Lynn, Charles, Marjorie and Sylvia
A Long Beat - Service to the Crown, Home and Abroad by Jenkins, Arthur Hughes
The Loss of El Dorado: A Colonial History by Naipaul, V.S.
Lost Lion Of Empire - The Life Of 'Cape-To-Cairo' Grogan by Paice, Edward
Lost Warriors - Seagrim and Pagani of Burma The last great untold story of WWII by Davies, Philip
Love is a Grapefruit: Life and Times of Olive Alexanderina MacDonald - An Exercise in Social Commentary by Her Other Half by MacDonald, Andrew S
Lucky Me - Memoirs Of A Former District Officer In Nigeria7 by Bex, Frank


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