British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'L'

The Lady of Kabul: Florentia Sale and the Disastrous Retreat of 1842 by Scott, Michael
Lagos: A Cultural And Literary History by Whiteman, Kaye
Lake Chad Versus The Sahara Desert by Sikes, Sylvia K
The Lake Steamers of East Africa by Dennis, L.G. 'Bill'
Land of Waters: Explorations in the Natural History of Guyana, South America by McConnell, Ro
Last Boat For Africa : A District Officers experiences during Swaziland's run-up to Independence in the 1960's by Miller, J P
Last Children of the Raj: British Childhoods in India: Vols 1 and II by Fleming, Laurence
The Last Colonial Regiment: The History Of The Kenya Regiment (T.F.) by Parker, Ian
The Last Days of Empire and the Worlds of Business and Diplomacy: An Inside Account by Cullimore, Charles
The Last District Officer by Pitchford, John
The Last Enemy by Hillary, Richard
The Last Governor by Dimbleby, Jonathon
Last Guardians: Crown Service in Sudan, Northern Rhodesia and Britain by Bowcock, Philip
The Last Kashmiri Rose by Cleverly, Barbara
The Last King in India: Wajid Ali Shah by Llewellyn-Jones, Rosie
Last Man In: The End Of Empire In Northern Nigeria by Hare, John
The Last Mughal by Dalrymple, William
The Last of the Proconsuls: Letters of Sir James Robertson Edited by Thomas, Graham F.
The Last of the Queen's Men: A Lesotho Experience by Sanders, Peter
Last of the Raj Memsahibs 1929 to 1945: Memoirs of a Cavalry Officer's Wife by Gradidge, Lorraine
The Last Of The White Ants by Pink, Pattie
The Last Post: End of Empire in the Far East by Keay, John
The Last Slave Market: Dr John Kirk And The End Of Slavery In East Africa by Hazell, Alastair
The Last Thousand Days by Clarke, Peter
The Last White Hunter: Reminiscences of a Colonial Shikari by Joshua Mathew
Lasting Legacy: A Story of British Colonialism by Blackburne, Kenneth
The Leisure of an Egyptian Official by Cecil, Lord Edward
Lennox Boyd, Alan: A Biography by Murphy, Philiip
Letters From Africa by Salmon, David
Letters From Far Away Places by McDonald Sitwell, Grace
Letters From The Horn Of Africa 1923-1942: Sandy Curle, Soldier & Diplomat Extraordinary by Curle, Christian
Letters from India 1945-47 by Zuntz-Henry, Peter
Letters From The Swamps: East Africa 1936-1937 by Bertram, C. Kate and Trant, Janet
Letters Home by Arrowsmith, Keith
Letters of an Indian Judge to an English Gentlewoman
Letters To Her Mother: War-Time In The Sudan 1938-1945 by Foley, Helen
Liberty or Death by French, Patrick
Life and Death in Changi: The Diary of Tom Kitching Who Died in Japanese Hands in Singapore in 1944 by Kitching, Tom
The Life and Times of Abdul Wahid Sykes (1924-68) by Said, Mohamed
Life in the Colonial Prison Service by Hutchings, S. E.
Life in the White Man's Grave: A Pictorial Record of the British in West Africa by Allison, Philip
The Life of a Lancer in the Wars of the Punjaub, or, Seven Years in India, 1843-50 by Gilling, James
Life On The Rocks by Hazell, Robin
Like Father Like Son by Marshall, H.H.
A Line in the Sand: Britain, France and the Struggle That Shaped the Middle East by Barr, James
The Lingering Eye - Recollections of North Borneo by Suart, Wendy
Lion in the Evening by Scholefield, Alan
A Little Piece of England - My Adventures as Chief Executive of The Falkland Islands by Gurr, Andrew
The Lives of Freda: The Political, Spiritual and Personal Journeys of Freda Bedi by Whitehead, Andrew
Looking Back At The Uganda Protectorate: Recollections Of District Officers Edited by Brown, Douglas and Marcelle
Long Ago and Far Away Gold Coast Days 1939-1958 by Leeds, Allen
The Long Garden Master in the Gold Coast: Life and times of a Colonial Agricultural Officer in the Gold Coast 1929 - 1947 by Lynn, Charles, Marjorie and Sylvia
A Long Beat - Service to the Crown, Home and Abroad by Jenkins, Arthur Hughes
The Loss of El Dorado: A Colonial History by Naipaul, V.S.
Lost Lion Of Empire - The Life Of 'Cape-To-Cairo' Grogan by Paice, Edward
Lost Warriors - Seagrim and Pagani of Burma The last great untold story of WWII by Davies, Philip
Love is a Grapefruit: Life and Times of Olive Alexanderina MacDonald - An Exercise in Social Commentary by Her Other Half by MacDonald, Andrew S
A Line in the Sand: Britain, France and the Struggle That Shaped the Middle East by Barr, James
Lucknow 1857 by Llewellyn-Jones, Rosie
Lucknow: Families of the Raj by Speirs, Michael
Lucky Me - Memoirs Of A Former District Officer In Nigeria by Bex, Frank


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