British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'N'

The Loss of El Dorado: A Colonial History by Naipaul, V.S.
A Zoo Without Bars: Life in the East African Bush 1927-1932 by Nash, T A M
Britannia's Empire by Nasson, Bill
South African War: 1899 - 1902 by Nasson, Bill
Memsahibs: British Women in Colonial India by Nath, lpshita
A Fighting Retreat: British Empire, 1947-1997 by Neillands, Robin
Images of Yesteryear - Film-making in Central Africa by Nell, Louis
Illustrated History of the RAF by Nesbit, Roy Conners
The North-West Frontier: British and Indian Army Campaigns on the North-West Frontier of India, 1849-1908 by Nevill, Captain H. L.
The Kenya Police: A Living History Written By Those Who Served (Volumes 1 to 3) Edited by Newton, John
The Creature in the Map by Nicholl, Charles
Elspeth Huxley - A Biography by Nicholls, C S
A Kenya Childhood by Nicholls, C. S.
Wind of Chance by Nicol, Dr. Bruce M.
The Administration of Nigeria, 1900-1960: Men, Methods and Myths by Nicolson, I.F.
Seven Rivers to Cross: A Mostly British Council Life by Nightingale, Bruce
Nigerian Kaleidoscope: Memoirs of a Colonial Servant by Niven, Sir Rex
Indian Forester, Scottish Laird by Noltie, H.J.
The Cleghorn Collection: South Indian Botanical Drawings 1845 to 1860 by Noltie, H.J.
Europeans In British Administered East Africa: A Biographical Listing 1888-1905 by North, Stephen


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