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The Oxford History of The British Empire: Volume 5

EditorRobin Winks
First Published1999
ISBN No.019820566x

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Chapter 1Wm. Roger LouisIntroduction
Chapter 2P. J. MarshallThe First British Empire
Chapter 3C. A. BaylyThe Second British Empire
Chapter 4Stephen FosterBritish North America in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Chapter 5Doron Ben-AtarThe American Revolution
Chapter 6David HarknessIreland
Chapter 7B. W. HigmanThe British West Indies
Chapter 8D. R. OwramCanada and the Empire
Chapter 9Stuart MacintyreAustralia and Empire
Chapter 10James BelichColonization and History in New Zealand
Chapter 11Robert FrykenbergIndia to 1858
Chapter 12Tapan RaychaudhuriIndia, 1858 to the 1930s
Chapter 13Robin MooreIndia in the 1940s
Chapter 14K. M. de SilvaCeylon (Sri Lanka)
Chapter 15Ian TalbotPakistan's Emergence
Chapter 16Richard DraytonScience, Medicine, and The British Empire
Chapter 17Diana WylieDisease, Diet, and Gender: Late Twentieth Century Perspectives on Empire
Chapter 18Robert StaffordExploration and Empire
Chapter 19Norman EtheringtonMissions and Empire
Chapter 20Gad HeumanSlavery, the Slave Trade, and Abolition
Chapter 21Barry GoughThe Royal Navy and The British Empire
Chapter 22David KillingrayImperial Defence
Chapter 23Ritchie OvendaleThe Empire-Commonwealth and the Two World Wars
Chapter 24Bronwen DouglasImperial Flotsam? The British in the Pacific Islands
Chapter 25C. M. TurnbullFormal and Informal Empire in East Asia
Chapter 26Nicholas TarlingThe British Empire in South-East Asia
Chapter 27Peter SluglettFormal and Informal Empire in the Middle East
Chapter 28Rory MillerInformal Empire in Latin America
Chapter 29John FlintBritain and the Scamble for Africa
Chapter 30A. D. RobertsThe British Empire in Tropical Africa: A Review of the Literature to the 1960s
Chapter 31Toyin FalolaWest Africa
Chapter 32Charles AmblerEast Africa: Metropolitan Action and Local Initiative
Chapter 33William WorgerSouthern and Central Africa
Chapter 34John DarwinDecolonization and the End of Empire
Chapter 35W. David McIntyreThe Commonwealth
Chapter 36Jeffrey AuerbachArt and Empire
Chapter 37Thomas MetcalfArchitecture in The British Empire
Chapter 38D. A. WashbrookOrients and Occidents: Colonial Discourse Theory and Historiography of The British Empire
Chapter 39A. P. ThorntonThe Shaping of Imperial History
Chapter 40A. G. HopkinsDevelopment and the Utopian Ideal, 1960 - 1999
Chapter 41Robin WinksThe Future of Imperial History

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