British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'U'

Uganda Diary: The Life Of A Forester In The Years Before Amin by Brown, James Lang
Uganda Before Amin by Osmaston, Anna
Uncivil Servant: John Butter in India, Pakistan, Kenya and Abu Dhabi by Butter, John
Under An African Sun: Memoirs of a Colonial Officer in Northern Rhodesia by Bennett, Frank
Under an English Heaven by Westlake, Donald
Under Five Flags: The Story of Sabah by Brooks, Ronald J.
Under Two Flags in Africa: Recollections of a British Administrator in the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Botswana in 1954 to 1972 by Winstanley, George
An Unexpected Journey: Life in the Colonies at Empire's End: A Woman's Role by Reardon, Margaret
Unfinished Empire The Global Expansion Of Britain by Darwin, John
Unhappy Valley: Conflict in Kenya and Africa by Berman, Bruce and Lonsdale, John
The Uprising of 1857 Edited by Llewellyn-Jones, Rosie


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