British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'W'

David Waddington: Memoirs Dispatches From Margaret Thatcher's Last Home Secretary by Waddington, David
The Skull of Alum Bheg by Wagner, Kim
Amritsar 1919: An Empire of Fear and the making of a Massacre by Wagner, Kim
How I Saved The British Empire: Reminiscences of a Bicycling Tour of Great Britain in the Year 1901 by Waldcock, Michael
Journal of a Voyage from England to Calcutta by the Overland Route by Waldie, David
'Eat the Heart of the Infidel' The Harrowing of Nigeria and the Rise of Boko Haram by Walker, Andrew
Kenya's Northern Frontier and Far Beyond by Walker, Hugh
Towards Independence In Africa: A District Officer In Uganda At The End Of Empire by Walker, Patrick
Sanders of the River by Wallace, Edgar
Kanpur 1857 by Ward, Andrew
Our Bones are Scattered by Ward, Andrew
Mariners: The Hong Kong Marine Police 1948-1997 by Ward, Iain
My Africa by Ward, W.E.F.
Not Out of Malawi by Waterfield, Enid
Sultans Of Aden by Waterfield, Gordon
Feathers on the Brain: A Memoir by Watkins, Brian
Cypher Officer by Watkins, Elizabeth
Jomo's Jailor - The Life of Leslie Whitehouse by Watkins, Elizabeth
Olga In Kenya: Repressing The Irrepressible by Watkins, Elizabeth
Oscar from Africa: Biography of O.F. Watkins by Watkins, Elizabeth
The Blues and Royals by Watson, J.
Corner of a Foreign Field: The British Cemetery at Kathmandu by Watson, Mark and Hall, Andrew
There is Only One Nigeria by Watt, Peggy
Eyes On Africa: A Fifty Year Commentary by Watts, Ronald
Black Mischief by Waugh, Evelyn
Five Years In The White Man's Grave: An Education Officer in Nigeria, 1928-33 by Webb, Geoffrey
Chintali: Life and Times of Sir Thomas Page CBE, KB by Webb, Lorna E.
The Shimmering Heat: Memories of a Bush Doctor in East Africa by Webster, David
Chinese Dreams in Romantic England: The Life and Times of Thomas Manning by Weech, Edward
Nowhere Near Greenland by Weightman, Barry
Under an English Heaven by Westlake, Donald
Ribbons Among the Rajahs: A History of British Women in India Before the Raj by Wheeler, Patrick
A Tale of Two Sisters: Life in Early British Colonial India by Wheeler, Patrick
Bright Eyes of Danger by Whitburn, Bill
Dust of Glory: The First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-1842, its Causes and Course by Whitbum, Bill
The Lives of Freda: The Political, Spiritual and Personal Journeys of Freda Bedi by Whitehead, Andrew
Colonial Educators - The British Indian And Colonial Education Service, 1858 -1983 by Whitehead, Clive
Lagos: A Cultural And Literary History by Whiteman, Kaye
Song of the Rainbird by Whitnell, Barbara
The Horns of the Buffalo by Wilcox, John
Bwana Polisi - Under Three Flags and A Long Beat by Wild, Percy Turner
Science And Safari by Wilde, Jack
Wilde Tales from Africa by Wilde, Jack
Wheels and Paddles in the Sudan, 1923-46 by Williams, C.R.
Oyinbo Banki: A White Chief's Nigerian Odyssey by Williams, Elwyn
Black, Amber, White: An Autobiography by Williams, J. K.
Running The Show: Governors Of The British Empire 1957-1912 by Williams, Stephanie
Who Killed Hammarskjold? The UN, the Cold War and White Supremacy in Africa by Williams, Susan
Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa by Williamson, Thora
Bwana Shamba: Mr. Agriculture by Wilson, Peter M
A Cargo of Spice: or Exploring Borneo by Wilson, Dr R. A. M.
Under Two Flags in Africa: Recollections of a British Administrator in the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Botswana in 1954 to 1972 by Winstanley, George
Blood, Iron and Gold: How the Railways Transformed the World by Wolmar, Christian
A Passage from India: Reminiscences by Wollocombe, Richard
The Evergreen Tea House: A Hong Kong Novel by Wong, David T K
Early Aircraft Armament by Woodman, Harry
A Political Memoir of the Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides by Woodward, Keith
The History Of The Northern Rhodesia Police by Wright, Tim
Through the Indian Mutiny by Wright, William


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