Lord Baldwin

Lord Baldwin was the son of former Conservative prime minister Stanley Baldwin. However, Oliver Baldwin had grown estranged especially after having served in Armenia and being taken prisoner by the Bolsheviks and then arrested by suspicious Turkish authorities and accused of being a spy. Tensions were further heightened between father and son when Oliver broke off an engagement and settled in an openly homosexual relationship with 'Johnnie' Boyle.

Oliver joined the Labour party and stood in the 1924 election against the party of his father. He was unsuccessful in 1924 but was elected in 1929 in Dudley as the Labour representative and facing his defeated father across the aisle in the House of Commons. He lost his seat in 1931, but he was reelected in the 1945 Labour landslide. The death of his father in 1947 meant that he was elevated to the House of Lords.

In February 1948 Lord Baldwin was appointed as Governor and Commander in Chief of the Leeward Islands. His partner, 'Johnnie' Boyle accompanied him also, to the disapproval of some of the British establishment in the Caribbean. Partly for this reason, and partly because Lord Baldwin made no secret of his continuing socialist views or his desire for multiracial inclusiveness, he was recalled in 1950.

An Appreciation of Lord Baldwin can be read here.

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