Sources Criticising the British Empire

Foreign Cartoons and their Views of the British Empire

Satanic Claw Opium Wars
The American Civil War
John Bull The Irish Question
Imperial Problems
Let Them Eat Pretzels Indian Nationalism
Kruger's Saintly Boot
The Graves of Colonial Soldiers From the Rear
British Concentration Camp in South Africa
Queen Victoria on the Warpath Kruger stands up to John Bull and Victoria
Dethroned Victoria?
Hypocrisy of British Imperial Policy Kruger's Hiding of Victoria
"John Bullfrog" Kitchener
Chamberlain as the 'Grim Reaper' Chamberlain as Profiteer
'Baby' Edward
Bottom Playboy Edward
Anglo-Japanese Entente
The Lion's Share British 'Civilisation'
Opening the Dardanelles
The Flight of the Children of Britain out of Egypt British 'Civilisation'
'Big Mouth' Kitchener
The Tired Lion The End of the Suez Canal Company
The End of Empire?

Sources and Media

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