British Empire Board Games

The Sun Never Sets
by Decision Games

This is actually three games in one. The first game covers the Taiping Rebellion in China in 1860. The second regights the Zulu war. The third game concerns the Sudan campaign led by Kitchener at the end of the 19th Century.

The Wilderness War
by GMT Games

A highly innovative system allows you to fight the French and Indian wars in the Eighteenth Century. It uses cards to randomise political and military events leading up to an entire campaign to seal the fate of Canada.

Washington's War
by GMT Games

Another card driven game, but this time to refight the American Revolution. It is a fairly rapid, assymmetrical system that covers the entire campaign.

by GMT Games

Part of GMT's Battles of the American Revolution series, this was one of the battles on the outskirts of Philadelphia in 1777. Other battles in the series include Saratoga, Savannah, Guilford, Brandywine, Monmouth and Pensacola.

Serpents of the Sea
by GMT Games

This fights the naval battles of the American Revolution and of the war of 1812.

Zulus on the Ramparts
by Victory Point Games

You are defending Rorke's Drift in 1879 from hordes of Zulus in this game.

Empires in America
by Victory Point Games

This game refights the French-Indian campaigns of the Seven Years War tussle between Britain and France.

War of 1812
by Columbia Games

This game uses wooden blocks as counters. It has been available for over 30 years and has been recently rereleased yet again.

Pax Britannica
by Victory Games

Not in print anymore, this is a classic Victory Games title that is set in the 19th Century and pits powers against one another for world power domination.

Tanga 1914
by Legion Wargames

This is to be released in 2011. Although set in WW1 it is a very colonial battle which pitched the British and Indian armies against the colonial Germans in Tanganyika. It ended up as a serious reverse for the British in the real battle, you will have to see if you can do any better.

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