Whether it was inspired, or foolhardy, nobody can say. But for some reason, the remaining dismounted cavalrymen decided to take it upon themselves to charge into the fortress. Some say that the dashing Lieutenant who led the charge had had 'lady trouble' and was seeking to redeem himself in a glorious bid for death or glory. Some, less than gracious observers, even linked Colonel Adams himself in some kind of love triangle and that he ordered the young officer to his death. These vicious rumours should be quashed right here and now. Suffice it to say that the small band of cavalrymen found themselves to be wholly outnumbered and outgunned. They barely made it through the entrance way when they were cut to pieces. At least, that was what was thought to have happened. Until, that is, the remaining British force could hear the screams of the young Lieutenant emanating from within the walls. Obviously, he had been captured alive. The screeches and screams unnerved the awaiting British infantrymen!

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