A Splendid Little Colony: British Singapore 1819 - 1963

David Marshall at Empress Place

David Marshall, Chief Minister, speaking to his supporters on 21 March 1956 in front of Empress Place (now the Asian Civilisations Museum).

Source: Frost, Mark Ravinder and Tu-Mei Balasingamchow. Singapore: A Biography (2009).
Frost and Balasingamchow describe Marshall that day as “a tall Mediterranean-looking man who carried a pipe and whose bushy eyebrows seemed to attempt to escape from his forehead each time he emphasised a point, spoke into a microphone in front of a crowd of his supporters. He was standing under the apple tree at Empress Place, from where his words were broadcast live by Radio Malaya.”

A Splendid Little Colony: British Singapore 1819 - 1963 | Singapore

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