Colonel in Undress Frock 1896

This photo of Colonel Onslow is of great interest because it shows the distinctive undress frock worn by the 20th Hussars. He was a full colonel at the time, retired from the regiment and in command of the Riding Establishment at Canterbury. The photo was taken in 1896. He continued to wear the regimental uniform including the blue frock (tunic) which has gold olivet buttons and gold edging to the collar. The 20th was the only regiment to wear such a garment, and it is corroborated by other photos and engravings. The bridle and saddle are clearly visible in this photo. The sword is attached to the saddle rather than suspended from a hidden waistbelt on white slings as would be expected. Also, he does not have an undress sabretache.The stirrup leathers have regimental pattern stirrup slides. The throat plume hanging from the bridle is yellow horsehair. The leather wallets on the front of the saddle are described in the 1900 Dress Regulations as 12 inches in length by 5.5 inches wide. They are lined with check waterproof material. An ammunition pocket is fitted inside the near-side wallet, and a loop for a pistol in the off-side wallet.

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by Stephen Luscombe