Junior Officer, 1856

This is Cornet John Yates in full dress with Crimean Medal. It gives a clear picture of the uniform that was put aside in that year. The patterns of lace and braid on the sleeves of his jacket and pelisse are plainly on view here and should be compared with a similar photo of John Douglas 1856 who has the more elaborate field officer's sleeve decoration. It is interesting to compare also the difference in the way the pelisse cords and the caplines are worn by Yates and Douglas. His Crimean veteren's beard hides his collar. The busby held in his right hand seems to be smarter than the campaign version seen in Cornet John Yates 1854, but if the plume is attached, as it should be, then we cannot see it hidden behind his back. The sword is the levee version as in the Douglas photo and his sabretache is full dress as seen in Sabretache 1840.

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by Stephen Luscombe