In 1895, the three armies of Madras, Bombay and Bengal were combined in to one Indian Army. However, it took a while for the organisation of this new army to be fully agreed upon. It was not until 1903 that the full extent of the reorganisation took place. Many units were renumbered, amalgamated with other units or formed afresh.

Bengal Regiments
1st Brahmans
2nd Rajput Light Infantry
Queen Victoria's Own
3rd Brahmans
4th Rajput Infantry
Prince Albert Victor's
5th Light Infantry
6th Jat Light Infantry
7th Rajput Infantry
Duke of Connaught's Own
8th Rajputs
9th Bhopal Infantry
10th Jats
11th Rajputs
12th Pioneers
13th Rajputs
14th Sikhs
King George's Own Ferozepore
15th Sikhs
16th Rajputs
The Lucknow Regiment
17th The Loyal Regiment
18th Infantry
19th Punjabis
20th Brownlow's Punjabis
Duke of Cambridge's Own
21st Punjabis
22nd Punjabis
23rd Sikh Pioneers
24th Punjabis
25th Punjabis
26th Punjabis
27th Punjabis
28th Punjabis
29th Punjabis
30th Punjabis
31st Punjabis
32nd Sikh Pioneers
33rd Punjabis
34th Sikh Pioneers
35th Sikhs
36th Sikhs
37th Dogras
38th Dogras
39th Garhwal Rifles
40th Pathans
41st Dogras
42nd Deoli Regiment
43rd Erinpura Regiment
44th Mharwara Regiment
45th Sikhs
46th Punjabis
47th Sikhs
48th Pioneers
Punjab Frontier
Force Regiments
51st Sikhs
52nd Sikhs
53rd Sikhs
54th Sikhs
55th Coke's Rifles
56th Punjab Rifles
57th Wilde's Rifles
58th Vaughn's Rifles
59th Scinde Rifles
Madras Regiments
61st Pioneers
62nd Punjabis
63rd Light Infantry
64th Pioneers
66th Punjabis
67th Punjabis
69th Punjabis
72nd Punjabis
73rd Carnatic Infantry
74th Punjabis
75th Carnatic Infantry
76th Punjabis
77th Moplah Rifles
78th Moplah Rifles
79th Carnatic Infantry
80th Carnatic Infantry
81st Pioneers
82nd Punjabis
83rd Wallajahbad Light Infantry
84th Punjabis
86th Carnatic Infantry
87th Punjabis
88th Carnatic Infantry
89th Punjabis
90th Punjabis
91st Punjabis
92nd Punjabis
93rd Burma Infantry
Hyderabad Regiments
94th Russell's Infantry
95th Russell's Infantry
96th Berar Infantry
97th Deccan Infantry
98th Infantry
99th Deccan Infantry
Bombay Regiments
101st Grenadiers
102nd Grenadiers
King Edward's Own
103rd Mahratta Light Infantry
104th Wellesley's Rifles
105th Mahratta Light Infantry
106th Hazara Pioneers
107th Pioneers
108th Infantry
109th Infantry
110th Mahratta Light Infantry
112th Infantry
113th Infantry
114th Mahratta Infantry
116th Mahratta Infantry
117th Mahratta Infantry
119th Infantry
The Mooltan Regiment
120th Rajputana Infantry
121st Pioneers
122nd Rajputana Infantry
123rd Outram's Rifles
124th Baluchistan Infantry
125th Napier's Rifles
126th Baluchistan Infantry
127th Baluch Light Infantry
128th Pioneers
129th Baluchis
130th Baluchis

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