British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'M'

Mad Dogs And Englishmen: A Grand Tour Of The British Empire At Its Height 1850-1945 by Jackson, Dr Ashley
A Magistrate's Court In 19th Century Hong Kong: Court In Time by Bickley, Gillian
The Making of British India: The Untold Story of British Enterprise by Lalvani, Kartar
Malayan Patrol by Boddye, E.T.
Malcolm - Soldier, Diplomat, Ideologue of British India: The Life of Sir John Malcolm (1769-1833) by Malcolm, John
The Man Who Created the Middle East: A Story of Empire, Conflict and the Sykes-Picot Agreement by Sykes, Christopher Simon
Managing British Colonial And Post-Colonial Development: The Crown Agents, 1914-1974 by Sunderland, Dr David
Managing The British Empire - The Crown Agents, 1833-1914 by Sunderland, Dr David
Mandate Days: British Lives in Palestine, 1918-48 by Sherman, A. J.
Mapolisa: Some Reminiscences of a Rhodesian Policeman by Craven, David
Mariners: The Hong Kong Marine Police 1948-1997 by Ward, Iain
Masked: The Life of Anna Leonowens, Schoolmistress at the Court of Siam by Habegger, Alfred
Matilda, Her Life and Legacy by Smith, Joyce Stevens
May Days In Hong Kong: Riot And Emergency In 1967 edited by Bickers, Robert and Yep, Ray
Mayflower: A Voyage to War by Philbrick, Nathaniel
Mayfly on the Stream of Time: A Medical Naturalist's Life by Gillies, Mick
A Memoir of lndia 1942-1946 by Elliot, George
Memories Of A Colonial Product by Hamilton-Bayly, P.H.
The Memsahib's Cookbook by Aitken, Rhona
Men Who Ruled Kenya: The Kenya Administration, 1892-1963 by Trench, Charles Chenevix
Mimesis Across Empires: Artworks and Networks in India, 1765-1860 by Eaton, Natasha
The Mission House by Davies, Carys
The Missionary and the Maharajas: Cecil Tyndale-Biscoe and the making of Modern Kashmir by Tyndale-Biscoe, Hugh
A Modern History Of Hong Kong by Tsang, Steve
The Modern History of Kuwait (1750 - 1965) by Abu-Hakima, Ahmad
A Modern History Of The Somali by Lewis, I M
Monarchy and the End of Empire by Murphy, Philip
More A Way Of Life Than A Livelihood: An Autobiography by MacDonald, Andrew S
More Matata: Love After the Mau Mau (The Matata Trilogy: Volume 2) by Menezes, Braz
Mountbatten by Ziegler, Philip
Moving House And Other Poems From Hong Kong: With an Essay on New Hong Kong English Language Poetry by Bickley, Gillian
Mr Burpington Presides by Brendon, Jack
Mtoto to Mzee: Story of My Life's Safari by Maciel, Mervyn
Murshidabad: Forgotten Capital of Bengal by Das, Neeta
Mussoorie & Landour: Footprints of the Past by Miedema, Virgil
My Africa by Ward, W.E.F.
My African Stories by Goddard, Tony
My Colonial Childhood In Tanganyika by Tugendhat, Julia
My Enemy: My Friend by Lovatt Smith, David
My Falkland Days by Hunt, Sir Rex
My First Eighty Years by Gardner, Trevor
My Other Family: An Artist-Wife in Singapore 1946 - 1948 by Morley, Patricia
The Mystery of the Black Jungle by Salgari, Emilo


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