British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'S'

S.O.E.'s Mastermind: The Authorised Biography of Major General Sir Colin Gubbins KCMG, DSO, MC by Lett, Brian
Sahib, Bibi, Nawab. Baluchar Silks of Bengal: 1750-1900 by Rakob, Eva Maria
Samurai William by Milton, Giles
Sanders of the River by Wallace, Edgar
The Savage Frontier by Richards, D. S.
A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954-1962 by Horne, Alistair
The Scent of Eucalyptus: A Journal of Colonial and Foreign Service by Posnett, Richard N.
A School In Kenya: Hospital Hill 1949 - 1973 by Karmali, Joan
Schooling in the South Atlantic Islands, 1661-1992 by Evans, Dorothy
Science And Safari by Wilde, Jack
A Scorpion for Tea: Or, to Attempt the Impossible by Hollis, Rosemary
Scorpion On The Ceiling - A Scottish Colonial Family in South East Asia by Martine, Roddy
Scots Beneath the Banyan Tree: Stories of Scots in Bengal by Fraser, Bashabi
Scram From Kenya: From Colony to Republic 1946 - 1963 by Franks, James
Scrapbook of 50 years in Nigeria by Harold, Joe
The Second Anglo-Sikh War by Singh, Amarpal
The Secret US Plan to Overthrow the British Empire: War Plan Red by Simons, Graham M
The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake by Bawlf, Samuel
Select Views in Mysore in the country of Tippoo Sultan, from drawings taken on the spot by Mr Home: with historical descriptions by Home, Robert
Sepoys in the Trenches by Corrigan, Gordon
Set Under Authority by Henderson, K.D.D.
The Seven Lives of Colonel Patterson by Brian, Denis
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The by Lawrence, T. E.
Seven Rivers to Cross: A Mostly British Council Life by Nightingale, Bruce
Seven Years' Island Hopping by Cordon, Roddy
Seventeen Letters To Tatham - A WWI Surgeon In East Africa by Crichton-Harris, Ann
1776 by McCullough, David
17th/21st Lancers, 1759 - 1993 by French-Blake, R L V
Shadows on the Sand: The Memoirs of Sir Gawain Bell by Bell, Sir Gawain
The Shamba Raiders: Memories of a Game Warden by Kinloch, Bruce
She-Merchants, Buccaneers and Gentlewomen: British Women in India 1600-1900 by Hickman, Katie
Sheba Revealed - A Posting To Bayhan In The Yemen by Groom, Nigel
Shenton of Singapore: Governor and Prisoner of War by Montgomery, Brian
Shifta by Golding, J.A.
The Shimmering Heat: Memories of a Bush Doctor in East Africa by Webster, David
Shipwrecks And Salvage On The East African Coast by Patience, Kevin
The Siege of Krishnapur by Farrell, J. G.
Sikh Soldier; Battle Honours by Dhesi, Narindar Singh
Sikh Soldier: Gallantry Awards by Dhesi, Narindar Singh
Sikh Soldier: Policing the Empire by Dhesi, Narindar Singh
Sikh Soldier: Warriors and Generals by Dhesi, Narindar Singh
Sikh Soldier: At War! by Dhesi, Narindar Singh
Sikh Wars: The British Army in the Punjab, 1845-1849 by Cook, H.
Silver: The Spy Who Fooled the Nazis: The Most Remarkable Agent of the Second World War by Bose, Mihir
Singapore: The Pregnable Fortress by Elphick, Peter
The Sirdar and the Khalifa by Simner, Mark
Sir Charles Raymond of Valentines and the East India Company by Green, Georgina
Sir Glyn Jones: A Proconsul in Africa by Baker, Colin
Sitimela: A History of the Zambesi Saw Mills Logging Railway 1911-1972 by Calvert, Geof M
The Six-Day War of 1899: Hong Kong in the Age of Imperialism by Hase, Patrick, H.
Sixty-Nine Years Together by Smith, Francis G
The Skull of Alum Bheg by Wagner, Kim
A Slice of Life by Lumholtz, Ludvig L.
Smashing Terrorism in the Malayan Emergency by Stewart, Brian
Snapshots of Uganda by Osmaston, Henry
So Many Worlds by Maddocks, Patricia
'So Life Be' A Collection Of Memories Of West Africa by King, Jack
Soul Searching in the Seychelles by Menezes, Braz
Soldiers, Airmen, Spies And Whisperers: The Gold Coast In World War II by Lawler, Nancy Ellen
Solomon Island Years: A District Administrator in the Islands 1952-74 by Tedder, James L O
Solomons Safari by Allan, Colin H.
Song of the Rainbird by Whitnell, Barbara
South African War: 1899 - 1902 by Nasson, Bill
South Asians and the shaping of Britain by Ranasinha, Ruvani
Southern District Officer Reports: Islands And Villages In Rural Hong Kong, 1910-60 edited by Strickland, John
So We Used to Do by Bridges, A. F. B.
Sowing the Wind: The Seeds of Conflict in the Middle East by Keay, John
The Spanish Armada by Hutchinson, Robert
Special Forces Commander: The Life And Wars Of Peter Wand-Tetley OBE MC Commando, SAS, SOE and Paratrooper by Scott, Michael
A Speck in the Ocean of Time by Bellers, Veronica
Spindoctor: Tropical Disease Research in Africa by Rickman, Roy
A Spoonful of Rice with Salt by Patterson, George
State of Emergency: Crisis in Central Africa, Nyasaland 1959-1960 by Baker, Colin
Steamboats on the Indus: The Limits of Western Technological Superiority in South Asia by Dewey, Clive
Stepping Stones: Memoirs of Colonial Nigeria 1907-1960 by Leith-Ross, Sylvia
Studies in District Administration in the East Africa Protectorate (1895-1918) by Cashmore, THR
Sudan Canterbury Tales edited by Hawley, Sir Donald
A Sudan Sunset by Tibbs, Michael and Anne
Sudan Days by Owen, Richard
Sudan Tales: Reminiscences of Wives in the Sudan Political Service, 1926-56 by Kenrick, Rosemary
The Sugar Barons: Family, Corruption, Empire and War by Parker, Matthew
Suez: the Forgotten Invasion by Jackson, Robert
Sultans Of Aden by Waterfield, Gordon
The Sultan's Yemen - 19th Century Challenges To Ottoman Rule by Farah, Caesar E
Sunset Of The Empire In Malaya: A New Zealander’s Life in the Colonial Education Service by Taylor, Thomas K
Sunset of the Raj - Fall of Singapore 1942 by Lee, Cecil
A Surveyor And His Friends: A West African Odyssey by Till, W B
Swahili Origins: Swahili Culture and the Shungwaya Phenomenon by Allen, James de Vere
Sweet and Bitter Island: A History of the British in Cyprus by Morgan, Tabitha
Symbol Of Authority: The British District Officer in Africa by Kirk-Greene, Anthony


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