Private and Trumpeter, 1845 Troopers Equipment
Mounted Officer, 1847
Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas 1856 Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia
Mounted Trumpeter, 1865
Captain, 1859 Officers, 1865
Officer's Shabraque
Officer's Stable Jacket, c1890 Officer in Stable Dress, c1895
Officer's Pillbox Cap, c1895
No 1 Dress Tunic, c1910 Junior Officer, 1856
Troop Sergeant-Major's Jacket
Officer in Patrol Jacket, 1896 Patrol Jacket
Officer in Undress Frock, 1891
Lieutenant in Levee Dress, 1883 Field Officer's Tunic
Lieutenant and Other Ranks, c1900
Sergeants Silver Arm Badge, 1897 Other Ranks Pillbox Cap, c1890
Riding school, c1890
WOs and Sergeants, 1922 Mounted Trooper, India 1922
Private's Full Dress Uniform
Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, 1898 Mounted Private, 1888
Walking Out Dress, c1909
Mounted Corporal, c1910 Mounted Private, 1888
Lieutenant and Trumpeter in Full Dress, 1880
Trooper 1937 Officer's Horse, 1850
Officer in Frockcoat, c1850
SSM in Frock c1906

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe