In Collaboration With Charles Griffin

Private 1725 Private 1742
Grenadier 1751
Grenadier Officer 1751 Officer 1759
Grenadier 1768
Officer 1799 Officer and Private 1815
Officer 1829
Private 1843 Albert Shako 1844-55
Officer and Private c1850
Officer's Dress Coatee c1850 Officer's Coat and Jackets c1850
Crimea Group 1855
Crimea Company Types 1855 Captain 1857
Officers c1870
Officer in Full Dress c1890 Privates c1890
Officer, Sergeant and Private c1891
Quarter Guard, 1899 Officers of 2nd Battalion, 1899
Maxim Gun Detachment, 1899
Sergeant and Private, 1910 Officer's Helmet Badge, pre-1901
Officers c1835
East Kent Militia Officers' Mess Dress 1958

Regimental Details


by Stephen Luscombe