14th King's Hussar's Uniforms

Sergeant Major's Tunic c1861 Lieutenant, Review Order 1866
Mounted Officer 1866
RSM in Undress c1870 Private, India c1880
Officer, India 1886
Mounted Corporal c1888 Corporal c1890
Officers, Review Order c1890
Officer and Private 1894 Rough Rider SSM c1898
Types 1899
Lieutenant-Colonel 1899 Privates in Khaki 1899
Mounted Private 1900
Mounted Officer 1900 Mounted SSM c1903
Corporal 1904
Sergeant in Mess Dress c1905 RSM c1905
Private c1905
NCO Group 1906 Private in India 1907
Private in India 1909
Officer and Private 1917 Regimental Sergeant-Major 1917

Regimental Details


by Stephen Luscombe