The Royal Irish Regiment

The Royal Irish Regiment Badges

Officer's Grenadier Cap 1712 Officer's Belt Plate c1800
Officer's Shako Plate 1829-44
Officer's Belt Plate c1835 Other Ranks Shako Badge 1839-1855
Officer's Shako Badge 1844-1855
Officer's Belt Plate 1844-55 Other Ranks Belt Plate c1850
Officer's Shako Badge 1855-1861
Glengarry Badge 1874-81 Cap Badge 1881-1901
Buttons 1768-1901
Officer's Waistbelt Clasp 1881-1901 Pagri Badge 1881-1901
Other Ranks Badges c1890
Officer's Helmet Badge 1881-1901 Other Ranks Helmet Badge 1881-1901
Officers' Collar Badge

Regimental Details


by Stephen Luscombe