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Articles from the Overseas Pensioner 1981-2015 - by Subject

Articles from the Overseas Pensioner 1981-2016 - by Title
Territory Title Author Subject Date
Gambia Forty Years On Evans, FA A re-visit 42, November 1981
Gold Coast Ghana Revisited Mooney, JWC A re-visit 80, October 2000
Malaya Remembrance of Things Past Gullick, John Accounts of pre-Independence Malaya 103, April 2012
New Hebrides/Vanuatu New Hebrides to Vanuatu, The Contribution of Keith Woodward Bresnihan, Brian Adapted from Obituary in NABANGA 110, October 2015
Kenya Lamu District Lloyd, P Admin 90, October 2005
Kenya Lamu Town Lloyd, P Admin 89, April 2005
Northern Rhodesia Black and White Forder, KJ Admin (Fiction), Domestic 68, October 1994
Italian colonies FOAAT Bowring, Walter W Admin of ex Italian colonies 95, April 2008
Malaya Berkeley of Upper Perak Anon Admin, Personalities 57, April 1989
Nigeria Career of M P Porch in Northern Nigeria Allen, AR Admin, Personality 67, April 1994
Nigeria ADO in Zuru, An   Part I McClintock, NC Administration 64, October 1992
Nigeria ADO in Zuru, An   Part II McClintock, NC Administration 65, April 1993
Nigeria ADO in Zuru, An   Part III McClintock, NC Administration 66, October 1993
Nigeria ADO in Zuru, An   Part IV McClintock, NC Administration 67, April 1994
Nyasaland Checking the Books Smith, REN Administration 74, October 1997
Nigeria Day's Work and Odd Jobs, The "Dogon Yaro" Administration 81, May 2001
Colonial Service Ideal Colonial Administrator, The Kirk-Greene, AHM Administration 92, October 2006
Northern Rhodesia Pontius Pilate Griffiths, JC Administration 75, April 1998
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands in the Early and Middle Thirties, The Lever, RA Administration 44, November 1982
Northern Rhodesia Vignette of Africa, Past and Present, A Forder, KJ Administration 65, April 1993
New Hebrides Vive Le Royaume Uni Smith, REN Administration 72, October 1996
Sierra Leone White Man's Grave, The O'Dwyer, FG (Pat) Administration 54, October 1987
Northern Rhodesia How Enoch Mbongwe came to perform at the Royal Albert Hall Baird-Webb, Jennifer African music 102, October 2011
Tanganyika "Quality instead of quantity" an Agricultural Officer's aim Brookbank, George Agriculture 104, October 2012
Nyasaland Agricultural Enforcement in Nyasaland Smith, REN Agriculture 97, April 2009
Tanganyika Agricultural Officer, Tanganyika Murray, Liam Agriculture 111, April 2016
Sarawak Agricultural Reconstruction in Sarawak Foster, J Agriculture 97, April 2009
Tanganyika Death by Spearing - Nearly Edwards, Graham Agriculture 112, October 2016
Somaliland Remembering agricultural development in Somaliland Seager, Andrew Agriculture 104, October 2012
Tanganyika Resettlement of Suspected Mau Mau Sympathisers Ainley, John Agriculture 72, October 1996
Tanganyika Safari - Old Style Hunter-Smith, JD Agriculture 93, April 2007
Tanganyika Tribute to Ukiriguru and James Peat Dickin, Geoff Agriculture 105, April 2013
Trinidad, Kenya Ramblings of a Wicked Colonialist, The - Parts I-VI Moon, JT Agriculture  50-55, Nov 85-88
Uganda Agricultural Officer in Uganda Horrell, Dick Agriculture officers 106, October 2013
Tanganyika Advent of Radio & Broadcasting in Tanganyika: The African Archers Ainley, John Agriculture, Broadcasting 85, April 2004
British Somaliland How to Kill Locusts: Chapter 2 Seager, Andrew Agriculture, Insects 92, October 2006
Zambia Zambia Society Trust Cairns, James Aims and work of Trust 97, April 2009
Uganda Ernest Hemingway Lost in Uganda Mills, JRF Aircraft 92, October 2006
Northern Rhodesia Alice Lenshina and her Lumpa Church Hannah, John Alice Lenshina insurgence 106, October 2013
Gilbert & Ellice Islands "More Condoms Please!" Pitchford, John Anecdote 98, October 2009
Tanganyika Flight from Danger Claw, Ted Anecdote 104, October 2012
Gold Coast ODTAA Cunningham, Eric Anecdote 97, April 2009
Nigeria Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Day Arrowsmith, Keith Anecdote 105, April 2013
Hong Kong Signing Off Wilson, BD Anecdote 94, October 2007
Tanganyika Stitch in Time saves Nine Edwards, Graham Anecdote 110, October 2015
North Borneo Story behind the Story: An Airfield Inspection Holliday, LJ Anecdote 98, October 2009
Kenya First Posting in Kenya Wallis, JA Nicholas Anecdote/Personalities 101, April 2011
Rhodesia/Nyasaland Two Knights and a Chief in Central Africa Reavill, Brian Anecdote/Personalities 98, October 2009
Nigeria Introducing President Tubman to Rugger Smith, John H. Anecdote/Personality 109, April 2015
New Hebrides Volcano, The Browning, David Anglo-French cooperation/
102, October 2011
Malaya Different Sense of Values D.S.Y. Aviation   42, November 1982
Tanganyika Brief Encounter with Vultures: A 1961 'Blackburn Beverley' Food Drop Ainley, John Aviation, Agriculture, Famine 87, April 2004
Tanganyika Marking a Boundary and Heighting a Mountain Threlfall, Harry Boundary demarcation 99, April 2010
Malaya Signed, Sealed and Delivered Gullick, John Ceremonial seals 94, October 2007
Tanganyika Life as a Colonial Service Child in Tanganyika Philogene, Debbie Childhood memories 109, April 2015
Malaya "Father and Mother" Official in Malaya Stewart, Brian Chinese Secretariat 107, April 2014
Tanganyika Danger of spilling blood) Taylor, Humphrey Colonial Administration 112, October 2016
Nigeria Day's Work and Odd Jobs: The Queen's Visit to Jos Bird, Ronald Colonial Administration 104, October 2012
Basutoland Don’t Encourage the Women to be Lazy Ramsden, Bill Colonial Administration 112, October 2016
Aden Political Officer at Work, Eastern Aden Protectorate Crouch, Michael Colonial Administration 103, April 2012
Colonial Service Reflections on British Colonial Administration Bridger, Gordon Colonial Administration 101, April 2011
Rhodesia/Nyasaland Serving in the Public Sector in Central Africa from 1959 to 1987 Hoskins, David Colonial Administration 112, October 2016
Northern Rhodesia The Provincial Commissioner Harland, M F Colonial Administration 112, October 2016
Nigeria The Rogue Elephant Bird, Ronald Colonial Administration 112, October 2016
Uganda Cadet to Governor Lane, Peter Colonial anecdote 96, October 2008
Nigeria Legacies from the former Colonial Audit Service Ridley, Prof Jeffrey Colonial Audit Service 107, April 2014
Swaziland Colonial Law and Local Custom: The effect of customary practices on prostitution and juvenile delinquency Ramsden, W.A., QC Colonial Law and Local Custom 102, October 2011
Solomon Islands An Introduction to Ysabel Field, John D. Colonial life 106, October 2013
Uganda Setting the Record Straight Forward, A Colonial Life 93, April 2007
Colonial Service District Officer in the African Colonial Novel (Part I) Kirk-Greene, AHM Colonial Literature 100, October 2010
Colonial Service District Officer in the African Colonial Novel (Part II) Kirk-Greene, AHM Colonial Literature 101, April 2011
Colonial Service Our First Official Mention: Col Regs 1837 Kirk-Greene, AHM Colonial Regulations 96, October 2008
Colonial Service BBC and Anti-Colonial Bias Mitchell, Harry, QC Colonial reputation 106, October 2013
Colonial Service Do The Times' Press Reports reveal anti-colonial bias Le Breton, David Colonial reputation 108, October 2014
Nigeria Nigeria and the Colonial Experience: Reflections of a DO Kennedy, Sir Francis Colonial reputation 105, April 2013
Kenya Goan Contribution to the Civil Service Abreo, Rosendo P Colonial Service 52, October 1986
Malaya Malayan Civil Service, The MacLean, Roderick Colonial Service 84, October 2002
Colonial Service Was (s)he really? I never realised that Kirk-Greene, AHM Colonial Service Research 94, October 2007
Commonwealth From the Magna Carta to the Commonwealth Charter
and Beyond
Ridley, Prof Jeffrey Commonwealth 110, October 2015
Kenya Bush Telegraph' brings Royal News, The Saggerson, Ted Communication 105, April 2013
Tanganyika Big Bang near Kilimanjaro Edwards, Graham Crop Protection 98, October 2009
Malaya How Government Officers became official Opium Dealers in the old Federated Malay States Lewis, JSA Customs 68, October 1994
Uganda Matter of Understanding, A Templer, Simon Customs 92, October 2006
Malaya A Brief Spell on the Frontier Jones, Russell Customs/Border control 107, April 2014
Solomon Islands BSIP (a "complicated country") Police Force Lindley, Alan L. Customs/languages/
109, April 2015
Tanganyika A Witchcraft Tragedy in Tanganyika Wise, Robert Customs/witchcraft 109, April 2015
Solomon Islands Airstrip at Avu Avu   Part I Tedder, JLO Development 70, October 1995
Solomon Islands Airstrip at Avu Avu   Part II Tedder, JLO Development 71, April 1996
Solomon Islands Solomons and Ships Tedder, James Development of sea craft 103, April 2012
Tanganyika Building my Road Taylor, Humphrey Development projects 111, April 2016
Tanganyika Did colonial government neglect development? Nickol, David Development projects 103, April 2012
Gold Coast One Christmas in the Gold Coast: An  Experience in rural West Africa Dennis, Faith Domestic 50, November 1985
Solomon Islands Supermarket - Island Style Tedder, James Domestic 91, April 2006
Solomon Islands Tulagi, the Capital that was Abandoned Lever, RA Domestic 56, October 1988
Nigeria Nigerian Garden, A Barnett, Muriel Domestic  85, April 2003
Nyasaland, New
Lap of Luxury, The Smith, REN Domestic? 83, May 2002
Kenya My Life in Kenya and Britain Suman, Satwant Singh East Africa to UK 106, October 2013
Hong Kong JJ Cowperthwaite and the Hong Kong Economic Miracle Craig-Bennett, A Economic Policy 100, October 2010
Uganda An Apprenticeship in Adult Education Lee, Michael Professor Education 110, October 2015
Tanganyika Call Me Madam Alley, Elisabeth Education 111, April 2016
Aden Famine - The Children of Arabia1944-46 Fletcher, Mary Education 54, October 1987
Kenya Farewell Party, The Keon, Ferdi Education 68, October 1994
Gold Coast Learning Experience, A Cunningham, E Education 93, April 2007
Gold Coast Education and Political Change in the Gold Coast Winter, Geoffrey Education policy 109, April 2015
Gold Coast Election Day in the Northern Territories of the Gold Coast Lewis, Eirwen Elections 111, April 2016
Malaya Experiment in Democracy, An Gullick, John Elections 92, October 2006
Empires French and British Empires - The Aftermath GPW Empires 41, April 1981
Aden Famine: Arabia 1943 Fletcher, Mary Famine Relief 49, April 1985
Hong Kong Crackering Wilson, BD Fireworks 109, April 2015
Tanganyika Chapa Sumaku Kelsall, LD Fisheries 72, October 1996
Northern Rhodesia Mongu: Where all the flies go in winter time Knight, Norman Flies 94, October 2007
Uganda Dura Camp Lang Brown, James Forestry 91, April 2006
Tanganyika How a Tanganyika District ensured a sustainable supply of Firewood and Building Poles Barton, Don Forestry 105, April 2013
Nigeria Le Ministre Nunan, Manus French Empire 99, April 2010
Northern Rhodesia Elephant's Foot, The Hudson, JB Game Wildlife 51, April 1986
Hong Kong Rehousing in Hong Kong Wilson, BD Government housing 96, October 2008
Hong Kong Acquisition of the New Territories of Hong Kong Wilson, BD Historical 73, April 1997
Nigeria Historical Background to Boko Haram Hare, John Historical 109, April 2015
Hong Kong Reminiscences of a Quartering Officer Brennan, Gordon Housing 112, October 2016
Nigeria The Day's Work and Odd Jobs: Rough Games in Gwoza Bird, Ronald Inter village warfare 95, April 2008
Solomon Islands Love and Mixed Marriage in 1970 in the British Solomon Cochran, C.D.A. Islander/
Colonial Officer marriage
108, October 2014
Aden How the Colonial Service helped build Israel Crouch, Michael Jewish Yemenis 94, October 2007
Nyasaland High Court Capers Bult, Eric Judicial/ Anecdote 96, October 2008
Kenya My First Weights and Measures Prosecution Howard-Luck, C Judicial/ Anecdote 101, April 2011
Nyasaland Human Crocodile Man Bean, Christopher Justice 93, April 2007
Tanganyika How not to learn Swahili Harris, JH Language 78, October 1999
Gold Coast Massa Gets to Speak Propa Yearley, Robert Language 85, April 1995
Ceylon Saneepa Kohomada (in Sinhalese, How is Your Health?) PC49 Language 63, April 1992
Ceylon Sinhalese "speakeasy" Kitching, John Language 64, October 1992
Malaya "Cadets" Learn Tonal Cantonese Anon Languages 49, April 1985
Basutoland Colonial Law and Local Custom: Marriage and Divorce in Basutoland Ramsden, W.A., QC Law and local custom 101, April 2011
Malaya Malaya - a Magical Experience Brent, David Law and order 105, April 2013
Northern Rhodesia Misleading Cases in Colonial Law Clay, Gervas Legal 58, October 1989
Tanganyika Bwana Miti, Rongai, Tanganyika Casson, NS Life as Forest Officer 92, October 2006
Nigeria Iron Smelting in Northern Nigeria Corby, HDL Local Custom 87, April 2004
Nigeria He Needs a White Cloth Webb, AS Local Customs 59, April 1990
Nigeria The Day's Work and Odd Jobs: Boundary Problems and the Western Region Bird, Ronald Local Government 96, October 2008
Uganda A Tribal Minority's Fears for the Future: the Sebei, Uganda 1960/62 Clarance, William Local unrest 105, April 2013
Solomon Islands Big Trouble Tedder, JLO Marine 59, April 1990
North Borneo Fish Bombs and Copra Burbrook, Peter Marine, Admin 83, October 2002
Solomon Islands Mail Day Tedder, James Marine, Domestic 90, October 2005
New Hebrides
New Hebrides
Gilbert & Ellice Islands
On Being a Pacific Sea-Dog - Part I - III Smith, REN Maritime 75, April 1998
76, October 1998
78, October 1999
Tanganyika Serengeti 1954 Cooke, John Masai incursions 101, April 2011
Nigeria Fulani boys at Jingari, The Webb, AS Medical missionaries 54, October 1987
West Indies Reminiscences of the Leeward Islands -  BWI 1931-1934 O'Mahoney, Winifred K Medical, Domestic, Wives 50, November 1985
Solomon Islands Stomach Ache in the Solomons, A Tedder, James Medical, Maritime 83, May 2002
Nyasaland Nyasaland Police Association Bean, Christopher Memorial at National Memorial Arboretum 102, October 2011
Basutoland Basutoland Diamonds Nixon, David Mining 111, April 2016
Nyasaland, New
Godbothering Smith, REN Missionaries 86, October 2003
Gold Coast Bumps and More Bumps in the Night Pound, Edward Mysteries 67, April 1994
Malaya More Bumps in the Night Lewis, JSA Mysteries 64, October 1992
Southern Rhodesia Things That Go Bump Moores, Gerald Mysteries 63, April 1992
Nigeria Cutting out Expedition to Fernando Po Bird, Ronald Naval expedition 103, April 2012
Nigeria Northern Nigerian Survey Reunion Anderson, M Northern Nigerian Survey 94, October 2007
Northern Rhodesia As I saw it - Part I Jenkinson, AS Old Times/ Travel 45, April 1983
Northern Rhodesia As I saw it - Part II Jenkinson, AS Old Times/ Travel 46, November 1983
Northern Rhodesia As I saw it - Part III Jenkinson, AS Old Times/ Travel 47, April 1984
Tanganyika Autobiography, and Africa too - Part I L.A.H Old Times/ Travel 43, April 1982
Tanganyika Autobiography, and Africa too - Part II L.A.H Old Times/ Travel 44, November 1982
Tanganyika Autobiography, and Africa too - Part III L.A.H Old Times/ Travel 46, November 1983
Nigeria "Uh, uh! D.O. done come!" Adshead, John Personalities 101, April 2011
Northern Rhodesia An Outpost Fraser, RH Personalities 56, October 1988
Nigeria Curtains in Kaduna Holmes, Ruth Personalities 102, October 2011
Tanganyika Days Long Ago Lewis-Barned, J Personalities 56, October 1988
Hong Kong Dinner Party, The Grieve, John Personalities 92, October 2006
Tanganyika Home to Roost Riddle, EK Personalities 53, April 1987
Nigeria Impression of Mallam Abubakar Tafawa Balewa - Nigerian Minister of Works and Transport 1951 Armstrong, RL Personalities 48, November 1984
Malaya Jester, The Gullick, John Personalities 102, October 2011
Nigeria Major O'Driscoll Nunan, Manus Personalities 101, April 2011
Tanganyika Meeting the Governor Watkins, Gwyn Personalities 101, April 2011
Tanganyika Riotous Assembly Lewis-Barned, J Personalities 62, October 1991
Nigeria Rusty Buckle Anderson, Ronnie Personalities 96, October 2008
Nigeria Singing for my Supper Angus, D Personalities 93, April 2007
British Somaliland Tribute to Captain A Gibb, DSO, DCM: District Hill, Roland A, MBE Personalities 84, October 2002
Aden Inebriates of the South Arabian Political Service Crouch, Michael Personalities, anecdotes 95, April 2008
Uganda Wote Timamu, Effendi Lindsay, Ian D St G Personalities, Police 67, April 1994
Uganda Welcome to Asamuk Leper Camp Welchman, Michael Personalities/medical 108, October 2014
Nyasaland Centurion, The Smith, REN Personality 71, April 1996
Fiji Eroni 63 (1969) Hardy, S (Tim) Personality 85, April 2003
Kenya It's a Dog's Life McCormack, Duncan Pets 85, April 2003
Gilbert & Ellice Islands Wullie Smith, REN Pets, Wildlife 68, October 1994
Malaya Malayan Tales Brent, David Police 69, Spring 1995
Nyasaland Riot Drill Bult, Eric Police 112, October 2016
Malaya Sketch of the Origins and Development of the Police in Malaya from 1786-1948 Grieve, John Police 85, April 2003
Trinidad  Unwanted Fugitives  Weir, D Police 83, May 2002
Uganda What did we do after Uganda Independence Brown, Douglas Post colonial careers 104, October 2012
Gilbert & Ellice Islands Six Happy Years in Kiribati Topping, Connie Post Independence 111, April 2016
Kenya Call of the Road - an Elegy Moman, Kuldip Rai Postal service 83, May 2002
Kenya Season of Green Leaves Moman, Kuldip Rai Postal service 72, October 1996
Uganda 25 Years in Slumber Moman, Kuldip Rai Postal Services 79, May 2000
Uganda Train to Iganga Moman, Kuldip Rai Postal Services 75, Spring 1998
Gold Coast I Remember the Gold Coast Yearley, Robert Postal, Unrest 80, October 2000
Tanganyika A District Team in Action Wise, Robert Projects and policies 103, April 2012
Bechuanaland Radio Bechuanaland/Botswana Kennedy, Ian Radio/Telecommunications 95, April 2008
Kenya Railways and Motive Power Owens, D Railways 83, May 2002
Nigeria Bauchi Light, The Webb, AS Railways, Medical 51, April 1986
Nigeria Our Side of the Tracks Eddy, Dr T Railways, Personalities 54, October 1987
Hong Kong Governing Hong Kong Lightbody, Ian Recording History of HK 95, April 2008
Kenya Chosen Career, A Nicoll-Griffith, David Recruitment Colonial Service 79, May 2000
Hong Kong Go Away and Think About Hong Kong Waters, Dan Recruitment Colonial Service 103, April 2012
Colonial Service Course of Fun, A Wilson, BD Recruitment/Training 76, October 1998
Nigeria Resident, Rivers Province Nunan, Manus Resident's powers/Personalities 98, October 2009
Uganda Africa and British colonialism - foes or friend Akaki, Sam Retrospective 111, April 2016
Hong Kong Police Eyes in the Sky in Hong Kong Bennett, Tony RHKAPF Air Observer Squadron 108, October 2014
Nigeria The Day's Work and Odd Jobs: The Bussa Rapids Bird, Ronald River navigation 97, April 2009
Tanganyika My introduction to African roads Pritchard, Stan Roads 104, October 2012
Solomon Islands How the Road came to Choiseul Field, John D. Roads/Anecdote 107, April 2014
Uganda Uganda Safari by HRH Prince of Wales Gale, JE Royalty 58, October 1989
Fiji Day we lost the Prince of Wales, The Hough, Peter G Royalty, Marine 86, October 2003
Colonial Service Slave Trade Collins, Reg Slave Trade 94, October 2007
Colonial Service Amateur Anthropologist Gullick, John Social anthropology 100, October 2010
Malawi Malawi's Pioneering Role in the Development of Land Husbandry Young, Anthony Soil conservation 102, October 2011
Sarawak About Cricket Holliday, LJ Sport 89, April 2005
Uganda Empire Day at Fort Portal 1926 Andrews, NFS Sport 51, April 1986
Nigeria Note on Golf in the Nigerian Bush 1948-65, A "Iddo Hudo" Sport 56, October 1988
Tanganyika Memories of a Junior District Officer in Dar es Salaam Nickol, David Stabilizing riots 99, April 2010
Gold Coast Philatelic Imperialism Cunningham, Eric Stamp collecting 107, April 2014
Tanganyika A Tanganyika Smeller-out of Witches Greenshields, Robert Superstition 112, October 2016
Hong Kong Ghosts of the Past Wilson, BD Superstition 105, April 2013
Kenya Mapping Kenya before Independence McCormack, Duncan Survey of Kenya 109, April 2015
Kenya Survey work in the Kenya Emergency Jackson, Bill Survey of Kenya 111, April 2016
Malaya British Return to Malaya in 1945 Gullick, John Taking over from the Japanese 98, October 2009
Nyasaland MV Ilala II Summerscales, WW Telecommunications 92, October 2006
Singapore Television to Brunei Freeland, M Telecommunications 93, April 2007
Fiji A Replica Pagan Temple in Fiji Watkins, Gwyn Temple building 101, April 2011
Tanganyika Wind of Change in Songea Hall, Alan Tobacco co-operatives 107, April 2014
Nyasaland First Foot Ulendo Wilmot, Ted Touring 88, October 2004
Tanganyika First Footsteps Cooke, John Touring 86, October 2003
Northern Rhodesia Journey to Mongu BH Touring 42, November 1981
Tanganyika Silver Handshake, The JDK Touring 43, April 1982
Nyasaland Ulendo Smith, REN Touring 87, April 2004
Tanganyika Vacancy Tanganyika Lewis-Barned, J Touring 51, April 1986
Nigeria Niger Adventure - 1947 Russell, Joan Touring, Education 73, April 1997
Nigeria Who's Afraid Wimbush, Janet Touring, Wives 45, April 1983
Northern Rhodesia Mongu Walk, The Setzkorn, Valentine Transport 92, October 2006
Malaya Adventurous Trip to Upper Perak, Malaya, in 1950 Pitt, R E, CBE Travel 61, April 1991
Solomon Islands Anuta - An Island from Paradise? Tedder, JLO Travel 74, October 1997
Uganda By Motorcycle in Uganda Nicholl, S Travel 87, April 2005
Uganda Cape Guardafui Nicholl, S Travel 85, April 2003
Kenya Uganda R&H Journey from East Africa to the UK during the  War Years - 1939-45 Drummond, MC Travel 57, April 1989
Aden Journey in the Hadhramaut, A Reid, Mary Travel 62, October 1991
Gold Coast Journey to Accra Gill, Leslie E Travel 59, April 1990
Somalia Journeying to Cape Guardafui Everard, Colin Travel 86, October 2003
Malaya Jungle Trip from Grik to Temengor in Upper Perak District, Malaya Barkway, Mrs M C Travel 58, October 1989
Uganda Karamoja Journey Nicholl, S Travel 88, October 2004
Kenya Kenya Journey, A Thompson, BW Travel 89, April 2005
Gold Coast Massa Gets Transport Yearley, Robert Travel 83, May 2002
Tanganyika Not a Wisdom Tooth Shadbolt, Jane Travel 83, May 2002
East Africa Passage from Mwanza to Kisumu Kelsall, JD Travel 63, April 1992
Trinidad Wartime Passage Hunter-Smith, LD Travel 73, April 1997
Nigeria Journey to Yola, 1929 Babb, BA Travel / Touring 57, April 1989
Northern Rhodesia Joy of Bushbashing, The Collingwood, Rev JJ Travel / Touring 108, October 2014
Tanganyika I Remember Mbulu District, Tanganyika Lee, Tony Tribal differences/Agriculture 106, October 2013
Kenya Moving the Maasai - What were the Conditions? Forrester, D Tribal relocation 93, April 2007
Kenya Wanderings among the Nomads Maciel, Mervyn Turkana tribe 107, April 2014
Malaya Emergency Days, Malaya 48-50 Horsley, RH Unrest / Law and Order 63, April 1992
Tanganyika Stopping a tribal clash in Tanganyika Nickol, David Unrest / Law and Order 104, October 2012
Tanganyika When Northern Rhodesia invaded Tanganyika Wise, Robert Unrest / Law and Order 104, October 2012
Malaya Memories of the Malayan Emergency 1948-1960 Stewart, Brian Unrest/Law and Order/Chinese
108, October 2014
Tanganyika Rescue at the Boma in Utete Fraser, DJG Uprising 103, April 2012
Aden Royal Visit - Aden 1954 Wickham, Bill Visit by HM Queen 97, April 2009
Nigeria Nigeria at 50 Horsbrugh-Porter, A Visit for BBC World Service 100, October 2010
Singapore Escape from Singapore - Part I McKerron, Lt Col PAB Wartime 65, April 1993
Singapore  Escape from Singapore - Part I Roebuck, T Wartime 60, October 1990
Singapore Escape from Singapore - Part II McKerron, Lt Col PAB Wartime 66, October 1993
Singapore Escape from Singapore - Part II Roebuck, T Wartime 61, April 1991
Singapore Escape from Singapore - Part III McKerron, Lt Col PAB Wartime 67, April 1994
Singapore Escape from Singapore - Part III  Roebuck, T Wartime 62, October 1991
North Borneo Relics of a North Borneo Wartime Episode - Tampat Bersumpah Holliday, LJ Wartime 86, October 2003
Ceylon Ceylon's Contribution to the War Effort and to the Development of the New Commonwealth O'Regan, J Wartime  71, April 1996
Tanganyika War Effort in Tanganyika, A Harris, JH Wartime (Industry) 79, May 2000
Malaya British Civilians and the Japanese War in Malaya and Singapore, 1941-45 Winston, WP Wartime, PWD 55, April 1988
Northern Rhodesia To War down the Zambesi 1914 Dickson, JH Wartime, Travel 69, Spring 1995
Solomon Islands Cyclone in the Solomon Islands Macgregor, Dr James Weather 89, April 2005
Kenya Four Inches at Waa Mason, AB Weather 70, October 1995
West Indies Hurricane Janet - Barbados 1955 O'Mahoney, Winifred K Weather 54, October 1987
East Africa Rain Stimulation in East Africa Thompson, BW Weather 91, April 2006
Uganda Piano, a buffalo and Kidneys in Red Wine Jacobs, Patricia Wife of DC 98, October 2009
Africa Another Hunting Story Anon Wildlife 57, April 1989
Sudan How to Kill Locusts Staniforth, Arthur Wildlife 91, April 2006
Nyasaland Mkango - the Lion Bult, EM Wildlife 73, April 1997
Nyasaland Good advice will defeat your enemy RH Wildlife, Administration 56, October 1988
Aden Trial in Perim (1955) Wickham, Bill Witch doctor/judicial 98, October 2009
Nyasaland Ufiti Smith REN Witchcraft 90, October 2005
Nigeria Letters from a Long Distance Marriage 1940-1957 Harrison, Jane Wives 112, October 2016
Aden Memories of WAP Allen, Winkle Wives 112, October 2016


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