British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'G'

Gallipoli by Moorehead, Alan
Gender, Culture and Empire: European Women in Colonial Nigeria by Callaway, Helen
General Sir William Stephen Alexander Lockhart Soldier of the Queen Empress by Smith, Martin
The General Salutes a Soldier by Byrne, J.V.
Gentle Warrior; A Life Of Hugh Grant, Soldier, Farmer And Kenya Administrator Edited by Goldsmith, Anne
A Gentleman in Khaki Ordered South: The Boer War Diary of Corporal George Stokes by Huggins, Stephen
Gentleman Pauper by Garvey, Sir Ronald
The Geographic Labourers Of Arewa: Remembering the Northern Nigerian Survey Edited by Anderson, Malcolm
Getting my knees brown: day-to-day episodes in colonial Kenya by Askwith, Tom
Ghost Stories And Other Island Tales: A colonial officer in the Gilbert Islands by Butler, Ian
Ghosts Of Empire: Britain's Legacies In The Modern World by Kwarteng, Kwasi
Gillman of Tanganyika, 1882-1946: The Life and Work of a Pioneer Geographer by Hoyle, B.S.
Glimpses of Empire: A Corona Anthology by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
Glyn Jones, Sir: A Proconsul in Africa by Baker, Colin
Goan Cookery Book by Maciel, Elsie
Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africas by Williamson, Thora
Gold Coast And Ghana Memories Edited by Cunningham, Eric
Gold Coast to Ghana by Russell, Colin
The Golden Needle: The Biography of Frederick Stewart (1836-1889) by Bickley, Dr Gillian
Goodbye Colonialism, Farewell Feudalism: Letters from a District Officer, Barotseland 1955-62 by Christie, Callum
Good Second Class: (But Not Even C3) Memories of a Generalist Overseas Administrator by Clark, Trevor
Goodbye to Empire: A Doctor Remembers by Goodall, John
Goodbye to Pith Helmets: A District Commissioner's Account of the Last Years Before Ghana's Independence by Dennis, Philip
Le gouvernement des colonies : Regards croises franco-britanniques by Dimier, Veronique
Governing Hong Kong: Administrative Officers from the Nineteenth Century to the Handover to China 1862-1997 by Tsang, Steve
The Governor's Lady: Entertainment And Recipes At Government House, The Cayman Islands by Scott, Joan Hall
A Grain of Sand: The Story of One Man and an Island by Grimshaw, Brendon
Grasping Africa - A Tale of Tragedy and Achievement by Chan, Stephen
The Great Game by Hopkirk, Peter
The Great Mosquito Hunt by Manson-Bahr, Elizabeth
The Great Mutiny by Hibbert, Christopher
Green Mountain Doctor: Memoirs of a Government Medical Officer in Basutoland in the Nineteen Sixties by Smith, Colin
The Guardian Angel: A Voice from the Wilderness by Everard, Colin


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