20th Hussars' Musicians and Trumpeters

Drum Banner c1870 Drumhorse and Musicians 1874
Musicians in Undress 1874
Mounted Band 1884 Musicians 1889
Drumhorse 1892
Mounted Trumpeter 1892 Trumpeter in Group c1892
Drum Horse, Front View 1895
Drum-Horse, Near Side 1895 Simkin's Drum-Horse
Incorrect Drum Banners
Trumpeter and CO c1900 Trumpeter, South Africa 1901
Band c1904
Bandmaster R E Collier Trumpeter 1904
Band c1906
Band c1911 Bandmaster Charles Hartley
Drum Horse, Nearside c1911
Drum Horse Offside c1911 Drum Banner, Post-WW1

Regimental Details


by Stephen Luscombe