Foreign Service

Mediterranean and Red Sea
Albacore Cruiser Helicon Myrmidon
Alexandra Cygnet Hibernia Sphinx
Bittern Decoy Imogene Starling
Carysfort Dolphin Inflexible Superb
Cockatrice Dreadnought Invincible Temeraire
Condor Falcon Iris
Coquette Grappler Monarch

Channel Squadron
Achilles Minotaur Northumberland Sultan
Agincourt Neptune

North America and West Indies
Bullfrog Express Lily Tenedos
Canada Fantome Mallard Terror
Dido Garnet Northampton Urgent

South East Coast of America
Algerine Amethyst Ready Stork

Constance Liffey Pelican Satellite
Heroine Mutine Sappho Swiftsure

Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa
Alecto Flora Goshawk Rapid
Boadicea Forward Opal Watchful
Flirt Frolic

East Indies
Arab Euryalus Philomel Turquoise
Briton Kingfisher Ranger Woodlark
Dragon Osprey

Agamemnon Cockchafer Linnet Swift
Albatross Curacos Merlin Victor Emanuel
Audacious Daring Midge Vigilant
Champion Espoir Pegasus Wanderer
Cleopatra Firebrand Sapphire Zephyr

Dart Harrier Nelson Swinger
Diamond Miranda Raven Undine

Particular Service
Assistance Jackal Polyphemus Tyne
Daley Mistletoe Seahorse Valorous
Heela Orontee Tamar Wye

Surveying Service
Flying Fish Paluma Sparrowhawk Sylvia
Lark Rambler

Ordered Home
Fly Foxhound Wrangler

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