British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'H'

Masked: The Life of Anna Leonowens, Schoolmistress at the Court of Siam by Habegger, Alfred
We Went to Africa: An English educationist in Zambia by Hadfield, Dr James
Allan Quatermain by Haggard, Rider
King Solomon's Mines by Haggard, Rider
James Brooke of Sarawak by Hahn, Emily
War Bush: 81 (West African) Division in Burma 1943-1945 by Hamilton, John A L
Turn the Hour: Tale of Life in Colonial Kenya by Hamilton, M.H.
Memories Of A Colonial Product by Hamilton-Bayly, P.H.
The Curse by Hansen, Eric
African Naturalist: The Life And Times Of Rodney Carrington Wood, 1889-1962 by Happold, David
Roads To Nowhere: A South Arabian Odyssey, 1960-1965 by Harding, John
Last Man In: The End Of Empire In Northern Nigeria by Hare, John
Scrapbook of 50 years in Nigeria by Harold, Joe
William Simpson's Afghanistan: Travels of a Special Artist and Antiquarian During the Second Afghan War, 1878-1879 Edited by Harrington, Peter
Dry Between Your Toes: Autobiography Of A Chief Education Officer In The Department Of African Education, Southern Rhodesia by Harris, Geoffrey T
Donkey's Gratitude: Twenty Two Years in the Growth of a New African Nation by Harris, Tim
The Zanzibar Chest - A Memoir Of Love And War by Hartley, Adrian
Theodore & Eliza: The True Story by Harvard, Susan
The Six-Day War of 1899: Hong Kong in the Age of Imperialism by Hase, Patrick, H.
The Battle for the Falklands by Hastings, Max and Jenkins, Simon
Empire to Commonwealth by Hathaway Taylor, Rev. B. Anthony
Tock tock birds - A Spider in the Web of International Terrorism by Hatton, Tim
Pearls, Palms and Riots by Hawkes, Mirabel
Sudan Canterbury Tales edited by Hawley, Sir Donald
Priest in Prison: Four Years of Life in Japanese-occupied Singapore, 1941-45 by Hayter, John
Africa Called: Science And Development In Nigeria by Hayward, Alan
The Last Slave Market: Dr John Kirk And The End Of Slavery In East Africa by Hazell, Alastair
Life On The Rocks by Hazell, Robin
The Career of W L Heape Colonial Administrator 1919 - 1958 by Heape, Colin
Farewell Raj by Hearne, Tony
Bed in the Bush by Helean, William
Set Under Authority by Henderson, K.D.D.
Having it So Good: Britain in the Fifties by Hennessy, Peter
All Our Yesterdays: Memories of a Forester in Nigeria, 1950 - 62 by Henry, P.W.T.
An Earthly Paradise Memories Of A Forester In The Bechmnaland Protectorate/Botswana, 1963-68 by Henry, P.W.T.
Twilight On The Zambezi: Late Colonialism In Central Africa by Herbert, Eugenia W
British Rule in Malaya: The Malayan Civil Service and Its Predecessors, 1867-1942 by Heussler, Robert
Yesterday's Rulers: The Making of the British Colonial Service by Heussler, Robert
Kenya Cowboy: A Police Officers Account Of The Mau Mau Emergency by Hewitt, Peter
Colonial Administration In Africa Between Central Policy And Local Reality Edited by Heyen, Erik Volkmar
The Great Mutiny by Hibbert, Christopher
She-Merchants, Buccaneers and Gentlewomen: British Women in India 1600-1900 by Hickman, Katie
The Baghdad Air Mail by Hill, Wing Commander Roderic
The Last Enemy by Hillary, Richard
Without Glory In Arabia: The British Retreat from Aden by Hinchcliffe, Peter Ducker, John and Holt, Maria
Tales of Zambia by Hobson, Dick
Triumph Of The Expert: Agrarian Doctrines Of Development And The Legacies Of British Colonialism by Hodge, Joseph Morgan
Kariakor: The Carrier Corps: The Story of the Military Labour Forces in the Conquest of German East Africa, 1914-1918 by Hodges, Geoffrey
From Hell to the Himalayas by Hodgson, C.F.
Thomas Hodgkin: Letters from Africa, 1947-56 Edited by Hodgkin, Elizabeth and Wolfers, Michael
From Syonan to Fuji-Go: The Story of the Catholic Settlement of Bahau in WWII Malaya by Hodgkins, Fiona
Blue-Water Empire: The British In The Mediterranean Since 1800 by Holland, Robert
The Iconography Of Independence: Freedoms At Midnight edited by Holland, Robert, Williams, Susan and Barringer, Terry
A White Headhunter In Borneo by Holley, Stephen
A Scorpion for Tea: Or, to Attempt the Impossible by Hollis, Rosemary
Select Views in Mysore in the country of Tippoo Sultan, from drawings taken on the spot by Mr Home: with historical descriptions by Home, Robert
The Great Game by Hopkirk, Peter
Tales of Empire: British in the Middle East by Hopwood, Derek
A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954-1962 by Horne, Alistair
Fire Over the Islands: Coast Watchers of the Solomons by Horton, D.C.
The Happy Isles: A Diary Of The Solomons by Horton, D.C.
Ring of Fire: Australian S.O.E.Operations Against Japan in World War II by Horton, Dick
Gillman of Tanganyika, 1882-1946: The Life and Work of a Pioneer Geographer by Hoyle, B.S.
Time Remembered: Reminiscences of Education in Uganda and Nyasaland by Hudson, Harry
A Time to Mourn: A Personal Account of the 1964 Lumpa Church Revolt in Zambia by Hudson, John
A Gentleman in Khaki Ordered South: The Boer War Diary of Corporal George Stokes by Huggins, Stephen
Capricorn - David Stirling's Second African Campaign by Hughes, Richard
Fatal Shore by Hughes, Robert
Harmony and Discord in Africa: Memories of Childhood in Southern Rhodesia by Huleatt-James, Mark
Oxford to Zimbabwe: A Life's Recall by Hunt, Andrew
My Falkland Days by Hunt, Sir Rex
Power And Passion In Egypt: A Life Of Sir Eldon Gorst by Hunter, Archie
Every Road Leads Back Home by Hutchings, Dora
Life in the Colonial Prison Service by Hutchings, S. E.
The Spanish Armada by Hutchinson, Robert
A Roving Scot by Hutton, Douglas
Pioneers' Scrapbook: Reminiscences of Kenya, 1890 to 1968 Edited by Huxley, Elspeth and Curtis, Arnold
Jihad: The Ottomans and the Allies 1914-1922 by Hyde, Andrew


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