British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'O'

Occasional Papers Of The OSPA Research Project At The Institute Of Commonwealth Studies, University Of London
1) Empire and After
2) How Green was our Empire? Environment, Development and the Colonial Service
3) The United Kingdom Overseas Territories Past, Present & Future
Edited by Twaddle Michael, Barringer - Terry , Killingray - David - Taylor, David
Odyssey of a Veterinary Vagabond by Forbes, Lewis
Of Cargoes, Colonies And Kings by Stuart, Andrew
Of Lions and Dung Beetles: A Man in the Middle of Colonial Administration in Kenya by Gavaghan, Terence
Of No Fixed Abode: Account of Colonial Service in Nigeria and Fiji and of Subsequent Work in London and East Africa by Maddocks, Kenneth
Of No Fixed Address by Parnis, Roger
The Official History of the Falklands Campaign by Freedman, Sir Lawrence
Old Bill in the Bush: A Cameroon Trilogy by Gill, John M.
Old Sinister: A Memoir of Sir Arthur Richards by Peel, Richard
Olga In Kenya: Repressing The Irrepressible by Watkins, Elizabeth
On Call in Africa in War and Peace 1910 to 1932 by Jewell, Dr Norman Parsons
On Crown Service: a History of HM Colonial and Overseas Civil Services 1837-1997 by Kirk-Greene, Anthony
One Beat of a Butterfly's Heart: A Tanganyika Police Notebook by Callander, Ronald
One White Man in Black Africa: From Kilimanjaro to the Kalahari, 1951-91 by Cooke, John
Opening Africa - The Life Of James Martin - From Finding Obama's Tribe to Founding Nairobi by Pullicino, Philo and M J
Oscar from Africa: Biography of O.F. Watkins by Watkins, Elizabeth
The Ottoman Gulf by Anscombe, Frederick
Our Bones are Scattered by Ward, Andrew
Out in the Midday Sun by Shennan, Margaret
Out in the Noonday Sun: Edwardians in the Tropics by Pakenham, Valerie
Out of England: A working life at the end of Empire by Bull, Timothy
Oxford History of The British Empire: Volume 1: The Origins of Empire
Oxford History of The British Empire: Volume 2: The Eighteenth Century
Oxford History of The British Empire: Volume 3: The Nineteenth Century
Oxford History of The British Empire: Volume 4: The Twentieth Century
Oxford History of The British Empire: Volume 5: Historiography
Oxford to Zimbabwe: A Life's Recall by Hunt, Andrew
Oyinbo Banki: A White Chief's Nigerian Odyssey by Williams, Elwyn


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