British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'T'

T. E. Lawrence and the Red Sea Patrol: The Royal Navy's Role in Creating the Legend by Allen, John Johnson
Taipan by Clavell, James
Tales From The Godown by Gutteridge, Cecil
Tales from the Raj by Allen, Charles
Tales from the South China Sea by Allen, Charles
Tales Of Abunuwas And Other Stories by Lewis-Bamed, Suzi
Tales of Empire: British in the Middle East by Hopwood, Derek
Tales of Nigeria by Owles, Clementina
Tales of Zambia by Hobson, Dick
Tales of the Fiji Islands: By the Wife of a District Commissioner by Gittins, Ann
Tanzania, Journey to Republic by Sadleir, Randal
Tattered Battlements: A Fighter Pilot's Diary by Johnston, Tim
Teacher and Friend: Memoirs of an Education Officer in Colonial Africa by Clarke, John D.
The Tears of the Rajas: Mutiny, Money and Marriage in India 1805-1905 by Mount, Ferdinand
Tepid Whisky by Paraffin Lamp: Life and Work in Outposts of the British Empire in the Twentieth Century by Bromby, Robin
Terriers in India: British Territorials 1914-19 by Stanley, Peter
Then a Soldier by McClellan, J. F.
Then the Wind Changed in Africa: Nigerian Letters of Robert Hepburn Wright Edited by Pearce, Robert
Theodore & Eliza: The True Story by Harvard, Susan
There is Only One Nigeria by Watt, Peggy
They Call Me Mama Daktari by Spoerry, Anne
Thin On The Ground: Land Resource Survey in British Overseas Territories by Young, Anthony
The Things We Do for England - If Only England Knew by Bevington, Eric Raymond
These Chivalrous Brothers: The Mysterious Disappearance of the 1882 Palmer Sinai Expedition by Sunderland, David
Thomas Hodgkin: Letters from Africa, 1947-56 Edited by Hodgkin, Elizabeth and Wolfers, Michael
Through the Indian Mutiny by Wright, William
Time Remembered: Reminiscences of Education in Uganda and Nyasaland by Hudson, Harry
Times Remembered in Africa and the Caribbean by Stow, Sir John
The Tilapia Trail: The Life Story of a Fish Biologist by Lowe-McConnell, Ro
Time and the Hour: Nigeria, East Africa and the Second World War by Kerslake, R.T.
A Time to Mourn: A Personal Account of the 1964 Lumpa Church Revolt in Zambia by Hudson, John
Tip And Run: The Untold Tragedy of the Great War in Africa by Paice, Edward
To Independence and Beyond: Memoirs of a Colonial Commonwealth Civil Servant by Snelson, Peter
Tock tock birds - A Spider in the Web of International Terrorism by Hatton, Tim
Towards Independence In Africa: A District Officer In Uganda At The End Of Empire by Walker, Patrick
A Town Like Alice by Shute, Nevil
Trade Winds on the Niger: Saga of the Royal Niger Company, 1830-1971 by Baker, Geoffrey L.
Travels in the White Man's Grave: Memoirs from West and Central Africa by Macintosh, Donald
Trek into Nuba by Mackie, Ian
Trespassers Forgiven: Memoirs Of Imperial Service In An Age Of Independence by Godden, C H
Tribe - The Hidden History Of The Mountains Of The Moon by Stacey, Tom
Tribute to Pioneers: Index of Many of the Pioneers of East Africa by Gillett, Mary
Triumph Of The Expert: Agrarian Doctrines Of Development And The Legacies Of British Colonialism by Hodge, Joseph Morgan
Tropic Toro: Ugandan Society by Taylor, Brian K
Tufala Gavman: Reminiscences From The Anglo-French Condominium Of The New Hebrides Edited by Bresnihan, Brian J and Woodward, Keith
The Turban Jewel: A Bene Israeli Indian Tale by Judah, Sophie
'Their Infantry and guns will astonish you'. The Army of Hindustan and European Mercenaries in Maratha Service 1780-1803 by Copestake, Andy
Turn the Hour: Tale of Life in Colonial Kenya by Hamilton, M.H.
Twilight Of The Bwanas by Dyus, Gordon
Twilight On The Zambezi: Late Colonialism In Central Africa by Herbert, Eugenia W
Two Kingdoms Of Uganda: Snakes And Ladders In The Scramble For Africa by Pulford, Cedric
A Tale of Two Sisters: Life in Early British Colonial India by Wheeler, Patrick


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