In Collaboration With Charles Griffin

Uniform 1685 Private 1711
Private, 1742
Private, 1751 Officer, 1748
Officer c1810
Private c1813 Officer and Trumpeter, 1826
Dress Coat 1820-28
Various Officers 1828 Sergeant & Corporal c1832
Officer's Coat c1833
Officer's Epaulette c1833 Officer's Coat Detail c1833
Officer's Helmet c1833
Officer's Collar Officer's Cuff
Officer's Helmet, 1871 - 1914
Officer in Review Order, 1850 Private 1856
Officers in Undress 1856
Mounted Officer, 1860 Colonel 1869
Other Ranks' Tunic
Field Day Order c1880 Officer Group 1893
Officer in Full Dress, 1890
Other Ranks' Helmet Mess Kit, c1900
Other Ranks in Camp 1898
Officers and Trumpeter 1914 Mounted Parade 1923

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe