Grenadier Guards' Band

Band Cartoon by Seccombe c1881 Drummer at Tel-el-Kebir 1882
Corp of Drums, Marching c1890
Trooping The Colour c1890 Corps of Drums c1897
Drum-Major G T Philip
Drum-Major F McCoy Drummers' Room, 1899
Drummers, Marching Order c1899
Drummers in Undress, Gibraltar 1899 Corps of Drums, Gibraltar 1899
Lieutenant Dan Godfrey
Band 1903 Musicians 1903
Corps of Drums 1904
Drummer, Mounted Infantry 1904 Band, Full Dress 1904
Lance-Corporal R Gay 1904
Bandsman W Carlton 1904 Dr Albert Williams
Drummer Playing Fife c1910
Drummers' Positions c1910 Bandsman 1914
Drummer 1914
Time-Beater 1925 Drummer and Drum-Major 1925
Drum-Majors' Sashes
Drum-Major, No.2 Dress 1994 Drummer, Front and Back View 1994
Bandsman and Band Warrant Officer 1994
Band Colour Sergeant, 1994 Band Drummer and Time-Beater 1994
Drum-Major in State Dress 1994
State Coat ER II Drum-Major Tony Moors 2005
Shoulder Wings, Drummer and Drum-Major

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe