British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'M'

Race, Tea and Colonial Resettlement: Imperial Families, Interrupted by McCabe, Jane
Highland Imperialist & Knight of India: Hector Munro of Novar (1726-1805) by McCabe, Stuart
Then a Soldier by McClellan, J. F.
For The Honour of My House: The contribution of the Indian Princely States to the First World War by McClenaghan, Tony
Kingdoms in the Sand and Sun by McClintock, N. C.
Land of Waters: Explorations in the Natural History of Guyana, South America by McConnell, Ro
Nissen of the Huts: Biography of Lt. Col. P.N. Nissen, RE DSO by McCosh, Fred
1776 by McCullough, David
Love is a Grapefruit: Life and Times of Olive Alexanderina MacDonald - An Exercise in Social Commentary by Her Other Half by MacDonald, Andrew S
More A Way Of Life Than A Livelihood: An Autobiography by MacDonald, Andrew S
Letters From Far Away Places by McDonald Sitwell, Grace
When the Navy took to the Air: The Experimental Seaplane Stations of the Royal Naval Air Service by MacDougall, Philip
Come From Away by Macfarlane, David
Colonial Window: A View from the Past Being the diary of a doctor in HM Colonial Medical Service 1951-1975 by Macgregor, Dr J D
Travels in the White Man's Grave: Memoirs from West and Central Africa by Macintosh, Donald
The Caribbean and the Wider World: Commentaries on my Life and Career by Mclntyre, Alistair
Winding up the British Empire in the Pacific Islands (Oxford History of the British Empire Companion Series) by McIntyre, W. David
Eastern Customs - The Customs Service in British Malaya and the Opium Trade by Mackay, Derek
Trek into Nuba by Mackie, Ian
Canadians on the Nile by Maclaren, R.
The Book of the Poppy by McNab, Chris
North of the Zambezi: A Modern Missionary Memoir by Macpherson, Fergus
Goan Cookery Book by Maciel, Elsie
Bwana Karani by Maciel, Mervyn
Mtoto to Mzee: Story of My Life's Safari by Maciel, Mervyn
Wrong Place, Right Time - Policing the End of Empire by Macoun, Michael J.
Of No Fixed Abode: Account of Colonial Service in Nigeria and Fiji and of Subsequent Work in London and East Africa by Maddocks, Kenneth
So Many Worlds by Maddocks, Patricia
The Jacaranda Children by Mamaki, Margaret
Malcolm - Soldier, Diplomat, Ideologue of British India: The Life of Sir John Malcolm (1769-1833) by Malcolm, John
Filming Emerging Africa: A pioneer cinematographer's scrapbook from the 1940s to the 1960s by Mangin, Geoffrey
Selected Stories by Mansfield, Katherine
A History of the Middle East by Mansfield, Peter
The Great Mosquito Hunt by Manson-Bahr, Elizabeth
Like Father Like Son by Marshall, H.H.
Passage East by Marshall, Ian
The British Empire by Marshall, P. J
Corporal Haussmann Goes To War; Armed With Motor-Cycle And Camera by Martin, Colin
Palestine Betrayed: A British Palestine Policeman's Memoirs (1936-1948) by Martin, Robin H
Scorpion On The Ceiling - A Scottish Colonial Family in South East Asia by Martine, Roddy
Beating About the Nigerian Bush by Maslen, James
Anthony's Odyssey by Mason, Tony
The Last White Hunter: Reminiscences of a Colonial Shikari by Joshua Mathew
Peace, Poverty and Betrayal: A New History of British India by Matthews, Roderick
A Chequered Career by Mathieson, W. P.
Nandi Resistance to British Rule: The Volcano Erupts by Matson, A. T.
From Suburbia to Subukia by Matthews, Christine
Villiers-Stuart on the Frontier, 1894-1914 by Maxwell, Robert
The Commonwealth and International Affairs: The Round Table Centennial Selection edited by May, Alex
Heaven-Born in Burma:
Volume 1: The Daily Round
Volume 2: Flight of the Heaven-Born
Volume 3: Swan Song of the Heaven Born
by Maybury, Maurice
Pearl of Africa by Maybury, Maurice
Ilemi Triangle: Unfixed Bandit Frontier claimed by Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia by Mburu, Dr Nene
Franklin and Winston: An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship by Meacham, Jon
Amin's Uganda by Measures, Bob and Walker, Tony
Brief Authority: A Memoir Of Colonial Administration In Tanganyika by Meek, Charles
Among the Jacaranda: Buds of Matata in Kenya by Menezes, Braz
Beyond the Cape: Sin, Saints, Slaves, and Settlers (The Matata Trilogy: Volume 1) by Menezes, Braz
More Matata: Love After the Mau Mau (The Matata Trilogy: Volume 2) by Menezes, Braz
Soul Searching in the Seychelles by Menezes, Braz
Tsavo: The Money Eaters by Menezes, Braz
The First Dance of Freedom: Black Africa in the Post War Era by Meredith, Martin
The World of the Swahili: An African Mercantile Civilization by Middleton, John
Mussoorie & Landour: Footprints of the Past by Miedema, Virgil
Never a Dull Moment: The Autobiography of John Millard - Administrator, Soldier and Farmer by Millard, John
Last Boat For Africa : A District Officers experiences during Swaziland's run-up to Independence in the 1960's by Miller, J P
Cawnpore To Cromar: The MacRoberts of Douneside by Miller, Marion
No Telephone to Heaven: From Apex to Nadir - Colonial Service in Nigeria, Aden, the Cameroons and the Gold Coast 1938-61 by Milne, Malcolm
Big Chief Elizabeth by Milton, Giles
The Prince who beat the Empire by Mir, Moin
Samurai William by Milton, Giles
Remote Corners - A Sierra Leone Memoir by Mitchell, Harry
Nine Lives of a Bush Banker by Money, George
Shenton of Singapore: Governor and Prisoner of War by Montgomery, Brian
The Desert War by Moorehead, Alan
Gallipoli by Moorehead, Alan
British Ships in Indian Waters: Their Owners, Crew and Passengers by Morgan, Richard
The Diary of an Indian Cavalry Officer by Morgan, Richards
Sweet and Bitter Island: A History of the British in Cyprus by Morgan, Tabitha
Colonial Postscript: The Diary of a District Officer by Morley, John
My Other Family: An Artist-Wife in Singapore 1946 - 1948 by Morley, Patricia
Pax Britannica by Morris, James (Jan)
A Decade In Africa by Morrish, Judy
A Fateful Intrusion: The British India Line in the Arabian Gulf, 1862-1982 by Morton, Michael Quentin
The Indian Empire at War: From Jihad to Victory, the Untold Story of the Indian Army in the First World War by Morton-Jack, George
The Tears of the Rajas: Mutiny, Money and Marriage in India 1805-1905 by Mount, Ferdinand
Rainbow Through the Rain by Mowat, Geoffrey Scott
Jungle Soldier: The True Story of Freddie Spencer Chapman by Moynahan, Brian
Retreat from Africa by Mullins, Patrick
Drums Of Rebellion - Kenya In Chaos by Mumford, J Gordon
White Man’s Drum - Tales Of The East African Bundu by Mumford, J Gordon
Anglo-China: Chinese People and British Rule in Hong Kong, 1841 - 1880 by Munn, Christopher
Copper Mandarin by Murphy, Gerald
Alan Lennox Boyd: A Biography by Murphy, Philiip
Monarchy and the End of Empire by Murphy, Philip


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