Images of the Falkland Islands

Port Egmont Plaque
Port Louis, 1769 Port Louis, 1834
Port Stanley, 1872
American Expedition passes through Falklands in 1811 Falkland Islands being claimed by the British, 1833
Port Stanley, 1888
Falkland Islands Company, c1905 Shipping in Stanley, 1907
Sea Elephant, 1901
View of Stanley Town Hall in Winter
Artillery on Victory Green
Getting the Mail, 1913 Shepherds and Sheep, 1914
Trip to Darwin Harbour, 1914
Falkland Islands' Cemetery, 1914 Funeral post-Battle of Falklands
Falkland Islands War Memorial, 1927
Mounted FIDF Schooner Loading Wool, 1915
HMS Kent, 1916
SS Imo, 1921 Falkland Islander, 1936
Colonial Secretary's Quarters, 1928
Whaling, New Island Whalers, New Island
Manager's House, New Island Whaling Factory
Sheep Shearing Country Show

Falkland Islands