The Yeomanry

The Warwickshire Yeomanry Uniforms

Officer, 4th Troop c1799 Privates 1800
Private c1822
Officer c1835 Mounted Officer c1840
Sergeant's Jacket c1840
Officer's Button c1840 Shako c1840
Officer's shako 1854-1863
Private c1857 Private c1864
Officer and Charger c1864
Captain c1865 Private in Undress c1870
Hussar c1875
Field Officer's Tunic c1881 Other Ranks in Undress c1886
Officers c1887
Captain in Levee Dress 1893 Officer and Other Ranks Mounted 1898
Officers Shabraque
Officer's Busby Lieutenant-Colonel's Mess Jacket 1896-1910
Subaltern's Mess Jacket 1896-1910
Officers in Mess Dress 1901 Officer's Undress Caps c1902
Corporal c1910
Senior NCOs and Officer c1905 Group at Camp c1906
Colonel and Warrant Officers c1912
Officers in Dress Uniform 1911 Trooper in Service Dress 1914
Troopers in Service Dress 1916

Warwickshire Yeomanry


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by Stephen Luscombe