Royal Horse Artillery Trumpeters

Trumpeter 1858 Mounted Trumpeter c1880
Mounted Trumpeter 1883
Advancing at the Gallop 1884 Halt Action Front c1890
Trumpet Call in Camp c1895
Trumpeters in Undress c1895 Trumpeter in Undress by A Baker c1895
Trumpeter’s Arm Badge c1895
Officer and Trumpeter c1897 Mounted Trumpeters, Service Dress 1904
Trumpeter, Review Order c1905
Fanfare Trumpet 1974 Fanfare Trumpeters c1980
Mounted Trumpeters c1990
Advancing at the Canter c1990 Trumpet Major No.2 dress c1999
Trumpet Major R Jeffries MBE MSM
Trumpeters’ Badges c2004

Regimental details

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by Stephen Luscombe